Yes, Experiencing Love !!!

        Yes, it’s true that I loved her,
I loved her from the deepest core of my
        heart. It has finally found its
missing piece after a long long time !!!

    I may not be the appropriate man
for her with whom she can reciprocate
   the same, thus she has every right
to move in life and wait for the perfect
   man but expecting me to move on
would be an injustice.. because  I am
   helpless, I will always love her
despite the cruel ignorance because
    I don’t have any expectation….
I know whatever I got from her was a
   huge gift for me if I compare this
with what I am … If I compare myself
  with her serenity, beauty, and charm.

Certainly, it is painful to live in the past
  in the memories which are immortal
but I believe moving on would be even
  more difficult for me, because she resides in me, when I respire I can feel
   her, when I write I write about her, when I think, I think about her, I rarely
  miss to visit the restaurant ( where
   she once forced me to have lunch there)once whenever an in the city !!!!

My love, it’s true that you have changed
    me from within, you have left me
in a crossroad where neither I can live
    nor I can choose to die to escape
this unending pain… The memories are
   lovely but they are too heavy at the
same time !!! But cutting the journey a
   little short might give me some
                  sort of a relive !!

Unfortunately, I have not heard from
      you anything that accuses me
loving you so much, instead you have
     appreciated it… …but failed to
reciprocate for the time being put me
    in a position that I can sustain life
with this hope that someday you might
    understand & reciprocate the same
But yes it is certainly a little painful but
              am ready as always. !!!!

Months have passed, thou have gone
    far away, but I still wait for you in
the same restaurant with a hope that
    you might come there with your
which you often visit, I still look for her
   in the same medical shop where you often visit to purchase the monthly
  medicines for your father, only
with a purpose to see your glance that
   you are doing well, without even
letting you know… want tho see your
  smiling face once which will give
me the energy to live for another few
    years…. You are my ultimate
source of strength, and also the soft
               core of my life !!!!

Experiencing death everyday is really
   something that am accustomed
to, but “could not take it further” is the
    feeling that comes in my mind
                     everyday !!!!

Loads of love and tonnes of wishes
for you 🙂
Beparvah !!!



17 thoughts on “Yes, Experiencing Love !!!”

  1. sorry i m not u beloved but want ur succsses for her. if u tell me about her i promise dt i will search n remove her anger as u like-jeet hi lenge hum baazi hum tum khel adhoora choote na;pyaar ka bandhan janm ka bandhan toote na….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much, i really dont know how to thank you for your support,
      yu bedharak aur bejhijhak kar bol diya aapne ki madad karengi, sun kar khub khub accha laga !!!

      god bless you ,


  2. Love is the light of everything! I wrote this quote few days ago your poem shows all your deep feelings. I wish that you can find that missed piece of the puzzle you are searching for…all the best for you! Thank you for stopping by my Blog and for the Follow I hope that you enjoy my Art and creativity in all the ways I express it. I Follow your Blog now and looking forward to your posts!

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  3. happy guru nanak jayanti. u r right pleasure is best medicyine of all is also truth if don’t mind dt individual love is changed in universal love at for beloved is love for whole human being coz ur heart is filled up by feeling of love.if my any words hurt u plz sorru.god bless u.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No no… you are absolutely right,
      Happy guru Nanak jayanti to you too.
      Yes, when a person has a heart filled with love for someone then, that person surely possess the components of compassion, care, love for the society.
      By the way , she also belong to Rajasthan !!


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