Change On Its Way !!!

Today, I want to share an incident that happened  umm .. around 7 months ago. It was Friday evening, and me asking with her, were walking down the street, after the classes…. As usual we were discussing something and very often each of our discussions end up in a debate..

That very day we had our class on women and issues related tho them. I get little emotional when I think of the poor situation that girls do face. At times, my faith in almighty gets disturbed.. 

I have a plan always to do something to improve this ongoing condition. She always used to pat my back and appreciated all my thinking. She used to say that “kaun sochta hain aise” !!!  I still remember that line and today I will share an example which will bring smiles to many faces and especially a big smile on her lips..


Meet this human being, his name of Ganesh Rakh, he is a doctor by profession in pune. He doesn’t charge a single penny for all girls who born in his hospital. Her has waived the cost of delivering 432 baby girls so far.

Loads of respect to him for doing something which is rarely seen in a patriarchal society in which we live in…

Loads of love and respect for her 🙂
Keep smiling, things will change for the betterment of human beings…. With this I would like to end this short note !!!

Beparvah !!!


4 thoughts on “Change On Its Way !!!”

  1.’s neccassary to bring d change on its way.specialy it is needed to brain wash for men coz our society is men-based.she,ur freind was true dt kaun sochta he aise. yeah,now a days l m feeling dt some changes r exiting e.i.celebrating of birth of girl child in our family n nieghbours. u know Rajasthan’s district Jhunjhunu is known as BrandAmbessader for savi g d girl children.i also have one elder n secondly twins girl children.i want to say dt still now we all educated persons should do to brairn wash n to be strict for men n women about dis soft issues.

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