Let’s Make Our Thinking Better !!!!

A story I would like to share with you all. I am sharing this story with all my senses and not driven by emotions alone but by experiencing the worth of a girl child, who will become a mother !!!

There was a family, a nuclear family consisting of husband, wife and their lovely daughter. The daughter was 10 yrs old when her mother passed away. Her dad was get sole support… and the father was aware of this fact. Initially it was really difficult to manage both office and looking after the little girl child, but with time he was able to manage… They were best friends.

After few years, one evening the child seemed very tensed, she was not ready to go to school and attend classes, she was keeping herself aloof from everyone – her friends, teachers and also her father. This was really disturbing and this behavior continued for couple of weeks. It was getting really difficult for the father to know what is actually the problem is!!!

So one day, he took her to a place where they used to go every weekend when her mother was alive. It was a beautiful place, calm ,serene, and pure. It has a lovely natural beauty. After spending around 20 mins or so, the father asked her politely “beta what’s the problem, I know something is not right, please share with me, I will solve it dear” on being asked repeatedly she ultimately burst into tears….. She said that papa an going to die because for the last couple of weeks I am bleeding and I don’t know what’s the reason. Am I going to die like my mom???

The father knew the reason ( men should be aware of this fact, ignorance is not going to help) and he hugged her tight and said, you are absolutely fine … You are not going to die at all. Your ate bleeding because you are capable to become a mother… this is natural and gifted by god .. men are not fortunate enough to become a mother so please don’t be afraid… and there conversation went on for another few hours.From that conversation things were settled forever.

I was very touched by this story and I shared it with her as well way back over phone. But when I see the ignorance and institutional gender discrimination based on this issue, I really feel ashamed of belonging to e same men folk.

She shared me with a quote on this after I shared the story with her. She  said that yes a rapist, a murderer is  allowed to enter into the temple but not a girl in periods. I was really touched by that…

But she was right, while reading the newspaper I came across a news about Sabarimala Temple, in the state of Kerala ( with highest sex ratio and literacy rate in India) It’s a Hindu temple of lord Shiva (Mahadev,  bhole baba). But recently, the temple authorities, (not the God himself), has been kind enough to allow women inside the temple only after a purity check!! That is a machine will check, whether a women is menstruating or not. Oh, what a shame!!

Purity was once checked by Sri Rama and Sita paid the price. Fortunately, Draupadi escaped this purity test despite being a legalised wife of the Pandavas!!!

I strongly object this step taken by the temple authorities. Institutionalizing the outrage the modesty of a woman in the name of purity… Following this nonsense and insensitive action,  women across India started a “happy to bleed” campaign to protest menstrual taboos & sexism. This social media campaign calls on women to stand against patriarchy.. Well I also want to join…. I and thousands like me are with this campaign !!!

The menstrual cycle is the monthly series of changes a woman’s body goes through in preparation for the possibility of pregnancy and that’s all..
It’s a very natural process and nothing to hide.. This is the price that every e women pays to become a mother, they experience the pain, they experience the uncomfortable situations especially those created by the men. It is the hard truth that becoming a father does not require such efforts at all…. To become a mother, a huge courage of required and this must be respected and appreciated instead of being so much insensitive.

Let’s not make things more difficult for them and stand for their dignity !!!!
Love and respect for her
Beparvah !!


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