Letter to Vyas & Valmiki !!

Few weeks ago I have mentioned in one of my blog that, both our epics i. e. The Ramayana & Mahabharata, are gender biased. Of both were written by any female writer instead of Valmiki and Ved Vyas, then Sita might not have suffered so much so as Draupadi.

Reading this book called “Until The Lions” by Karthika Nair, where in she argues that Sanskrit poeticians have classified the Mahabharata as history unlike the Ramayana, which is regarded as maha kavya.

The author chooses the melencoly, vexed lives of women confronted with difficult choices, who must live through the calamities produced by arrogance, foolishness, and angularity of men. Some of them we know such as Satyavati ( the Fisher girl turned Queen), Amba, Gandhari, Kunti, Draupadi etc.

Others we have sender lightly on the shadow of the epic. On these unremarked figures, the author bestows the dignity of a local habitation and a name. She introduced us to Poorna, the maid whose son becomes the counsellor to the kuru court;  Sauvali the slave girl who Dhritrastra ravishes, and whose son is a dissident in the kaurava ranks; Hidimbi, who bears Bheema a son, never recognised as a possible heir but pressed into service during the war; Vrishali, Karna’s wife, abandoned by the unwed princess.

In fact these women are lionesses. In a patriarchial society like India, the narrative is literally made and taken forward by the decisions of practical and audacious women who must make up for dead, absent, weak or impotent men.

The renewal of the epic narrative is very much required to understand how the society was biased and such gender based discrimination is still rampant which had nothing to do with development. This sorry of contradictions is perhaps make us Civilized .(sarcasm)

Loads of love and respect for her…
Beparvah !!!


3 thoughts on “Letter to Vyas & Valmiki !!”

  1. Good post, just few mins ago i wanted to write about these two epics in different context.
    You have misunderstood that it’s women centric or some gender biased epics.
    What Sita has suffered? She was not tortured or touched by Ravan. She was given the fullest respect till her stay.
    There was a harm to her at all. Only the pain she bore was the time she had been not with her hubby and the same pain Rama bore as well.

    About Mahabarata, Draupadi said upon looking Duryodana while he was drenched in the courtyard, Draupadi joked “Andhasya Putra Andhaha” meaning “a blind man’s son is blind”. This will make Shatriya angry and to take revenge.


    1. Thank you for this comment.
      My agenda was to raise two important aspects

      One is, how come a woman can be used as a chattel which we have seen during that game of gambling..

      Secondly, why sita had to proof her loyalty and character, why she alone had to go through the agni parkisha ?? Why ram was not tested as he was also led his life alone .. ?

      May be I should read them once again.

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