Two Lives !!

Hypothermia occurs commonly in newborn infants, primarily as a result of the physiological transition from the relatively warmer uterine environment to life outside the uterus.

It is vital to keep newborn babies warm and help them to achieve thermoregulation in order to prevent morbidities and minimize the morbidities and mortality associated with hypothermia. Radiant warmers and incubators are some of the heating devices used for this purpose.


But unfortunately, two newborns died of overheating in our city, Kolkata !!!

Two new-born babies, including a girl child, have died of overheating in a radiant warmer apparatus at a government hospital here, officials said today.

And we have yet another committee that has been formed to look into the death of the infants. Ha ha ha ha ha !!

The incident happened at the Medical College and Hospital when the infants were found to have succumbed to the heat in the apparatus where they were kept, as their body temperatures was low at birth.

Medical college principal Tapan Kumar Lahiri said a four-member committee, headed by him, has been formed to investigate into the incident. This is the most interesting part, the party against whom the allegation has been made, is actually going to look into the matter… There is a natural law principle that is nemo judex cuasa sua.. ( no one can be the judge of his own case). But e are witnessing something which is not very strange !!!

As expected Dr. Lahiri has He refused to comment on whether any hospital staff has been suspended in the case.
And not denied!! He further said that
“We have discussed the issue with our higher officials and all necessary action will be taken after the enquiry report is ready,”

Well, honestly I don’t know what tho write on this, but can’t even resist myself tho ignore the matter altogether.. Two lives are gone!! I cannot imagine what the family is going through especially the mothers…. My sincere condolence.

Loads of respect!!!
Beparvah !!


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