Her Definition Of Relationship !!

Her definition of relationship is that.  
          ” anything a man can give me is materialistic, I will give myself. So her definition of spoiling is give me time, give me experiences”

This definition she shared with me when I was about to reach my home. I got this text from her. This was in the backdrop of a lovely discussion turned debate on relationship. She was of the view that any relationship can work only when time is given to it, with time people can get to know whether they are compatible or not and so on !! On the other hand I was of the same view provided there should be an intention to make things work and not with a mindset that if it doesn’t work we can find someone else.

After around 5 months, when I look back into the memories, I believe that I have tried my everything to look up to the definition so that she can live on the line of thinking which she believed in.

Apart from from material perspective it would be foolish and cheap to count, but as far add time of concern, I have given my 100% time to her, and even today I am ready with it.  As far as the experience is concerned, I have shared my life, my experiences so far I gained, with her because I trust her, I cared for her. Experiences which we share are unique, and I believe that she would always tressure it.

And used to call me an alarm clock, doctor etc. Even accused of being a person suffering from OCD !!! I have loads of her experiences and memories which I will keep close to my heart always…

I wish that if we could spend some more time together, then we could have gathered a lot more memories and a bag full of experiences… Bit the fact of the matter is, she took a part of me with her, and I am left with a hollowed heart!!

Please come back, I cannot live the way I am living since the last five months. I am tired if this emptied life…

Loads of love and respect for you
Beparvah !!!


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