My Fifth Of The Day, Yet The Same Cry !!

I never thought that I would write five posts in a day, but this is my number five and also dedicated to her, because she loves blog dedication !!!

Never I used to think of love life as such and until recently, my only love was my law books. This was my answer even that day when I was asked about my love life by her in the class…. But I think in my subconscious mind, I used to pray to the dear lord above.. for theย  profound wish of my heart, a perfect love… ๐Ÿ™‚

And then I met her, who not only cars about me, but also used to scold me, at times she used to blackmail me emotionally because she knew that she matters a lot to me and also she used to read me better than what I do !!

I will always grief about the fact that I did not even got a the chance tho say to her “it’s you whom I adore, worship, it’s you who brought smile back into my life after years of darkness, it’s you who helped me to rejuvenate my relationship with my family and parents”.

But now, I walk around in the daze, my hollowed out interior filled with grief and smoky gloom, chocking me from inside.. I cannot believe that you are gone, because you meant a lot to me!!

I wish I could tell you that my loss is as wide as a starless night sky filled with darkness all around me!!! Am scared, scared of going back to the place I belong to…. I really miss the peace of mind and your friendship… your devotion ….. I have become a fountain of endless of tears, crying my heart out in the middle of a busy street !!!!

Yes, friends told me that I should move on with life…as it will heal the pain; I smile and mood my head while I am slowly going insane !!!

My heart is breaking inside, and it is still you whom I worship. Tears have become my friend since last five months but now I believe that I do not have any control over them at all ….

Yesterday, I s caught while I was having a nice sleepwalk, thinking that I am on the staircase of some building, posting to the almighty, hoping that you will soon change your mind someday !!!

I really don’t know what tho do tho get you back into my life, because I have got nothing left within tho lose anything further. You said once that ” we will cross the bridge one we get there “, but believe me I have crossed many such bridges in search of you and still I am on the run !!!

Loads of love and respect as always
Beparvah !!!


56 thoughts on “My Fifth Of The Day, Yet The Same Cry !!”

  1. she came n went away too. why do u not stop her?may be it was happend according of’nt depressed dis ฤบuck aฤบso bring u near of ur beloved.kabhi to milegi;kahin to milegi bahaaron ki manjil raahi……

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    1. Main maddad mangunga to usko samne laana hoga..aur uski izzat main itna krta hoon ki shayad akele hi uski yaado ke sath rehne loon, par identity nai disclose karunga until my end !!

      But I want to thank you for the support!! Like a true friend!!


  2. bt in dis way how will i search her.n i did not also know about ur name.plz give me some clues indirectly if u can.hum use fir bhi dhoondh laayenge.vese bhi i have known about u ….thora thora sa.

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      1. koi baat nahi.yahaan mene beparvaah naam se kai fb khol ke dekh liya he usme kahin bhi janaab nazar nahi aaye.koi delhi ya fhir panjaab ka bashinda nikalaa he.u r not there.

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      2. me rajasthan ki hu bt birth is moga panjaab likha he. haan is naam ki kai he aur yellow couler ki saari me back side se khinchi huyi photo fb pe lagi he as middile aged lady ke roop me.fir bhi agar nahi mile to email i.d. pe(arunasharma441@gmail pe try karna.vese me aapse kaafi badi hun isliye sharmana mat.

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      3. why?kya yellow saari wali aruna nahi mili?fb pe bhut si aruna sharma he unme dekh lo ya apnaa naam bataa do me dhoondh subah se fb khangaal rahi hu par aapka pata nahi chala .naam n sahi bt place hi bร taa do.i m waiting.


    1. I think she is omnipresent !!!
      I know if I don’t give a hint then it would be difficult for anyone to help… but this may hurt her which I cannot even think of…. So if I am honest in what I am feeling then she will understand one day…..
      I cannot force her ๐Ÿ™‚ I respect her decision !!!

      But a big thank you to you ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. But the pain….yes… that I will sustain…. main kid liye hoon…
        Jitna din ya saal hain. ..isse Kai jyada to unki yaadein hain…
        Roz ek phlu ko yaad karenge, dua karenge, Ab to ishwar pe viswas krne KO Ji chahata hain !!!


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