Somebody Here Is More Helpless Than I Am !!

Everyday of the year 2015, monsoon session, I witnessed the chairperson of Rajya Sabha helplessly pleading the MPs to discharge their responsibilities and maintain the decorum of the House. This is exactly they promise while talking their oath under article 99 of the Indian constitution.

If students in a classroom misbehaves,  the teacher can send them out; of anyone disrupts court’s proceedings,  then he will be liable tho be proceeded against; even the referee in a Southall match can send players out of the ground who disobeys rules. But unfortunately, in the Parliament , the supreme legislative body of our country, the chair remains a helpless spectator !!!

Disrupting parliamentary function has been used as a political tactics often played by the political parties. The saddest and most deplorable fact is that when the parliament did not function for to it’s own fault, the MPs, did not show the rectitude to forgo their salary and the daily allowance. In such situation debates like cutting the subsidy of parliament’s canteen seems to me like just another mockery !!!

Democracy means government by discussion and certainly not by disruption !! I really feel that on the day of 26 nov, the Constitution Day, this is the biggest challenge before our country when it comes tho governance!!

It is very sad to accept that in India, the democracy is nothing but a parliament by disruption!!! The paradox is that, those so are engaged in such activities are elected ( directly or indirectly) by us, the common people of this country.

I think we are not matured enough to understand and uphold democracy in its trust form. The Aamir khan’s example is yet another variety of how we allow freedom of speech in a country that follows Democratic principles…

Don’t know what to write further on the constitution day… I just end this by saying that, there might be done positive change in the future and the change lies in us, the people of India.

Loads of love and respect
Beparvah !!!


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