The Beginning !!

11 thoughts on “The Beginning !!”

  1. beparvaah ji i m historyjivi means i m history lecturer in govt much here is happend dt u r writing about history coz of ur beloved n ur follower has so much intresting in history.ajeeb dastaan he ye;kahaan shuru kahaan khatm……..ho jaata he aisa kabhi-kabhi .plz do’nt mind if my words hurt u.actualy i love to reàd history n like those person who like history.realy u have best knowledge about historical i am most eager to meet ur beloved.

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    1. Thank you so much….
      It’s only because of her faith on my capacity to retain.. She used to say that ” aapka Kya hain …history thodi na padhoge aap” every time when we used to discuss our revision and all especially in the staircases !!


    1. Thank you so much !!!
      She changed me completely… I never thought that I will be so much into someone on my life… I had my goals set, but suddenly the fear of losing her made me too weak…


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