My Take On Intolerance !!

I would like to begin with few questions because that’s the way I learn issues that are going around.

What is intolerance? I think the most simple answer would be the incapacity to tolerate the presence of something which is “Different“. Similar to the basic criticism attached to “ethnocentrism” attitude !!!

We have many issues that require political interference apart from being involved in “Cow“.. Well like many, I also believed that when BJP came into power, it’s just the change of elite class, from feudal, dynastic attitude to middle class mindset.  This clash of elites have proved so far that no one is willing tho give up the trappings of power so easily…. But this clash has turned out to be very ugly !!!

From temple politics we have gone even more above our standard by involving into morality and code politics!! The clean living, band on whatever the Hindu fringe didn’t like, such as ghar vapasi, love jihad etc. Not at all hesitant tho show the door of Pakistan to anyone who question such steps..

Intolerance is a feeling , it is not in statistics so far, but in atmosphere, an atmosphere of fear that encourage conformity which even emboldens the executives to bring down an art part cow!!!!

But we have some fun part as well in this ruckus, that  being when I saw our honorable HRD minister, Smriti Irani saying that” India is not intolerant because PM Modi forgave me even though I had criticised him “.. Omg ,!!!; this indicates two things, first it had reduced the notion of India into a single personality that to of Modi without talking into other facets of India. Secondly, it shows how we voters are being seen when politicians question our intelligence by citing such not so intelligent examples !!!!!

Is alcohol been is any different from a beef ban? Yes the first one a ban based on the secular liberal icon whole the second one is based on Hindu  constitution ( never heard this in university until now). If cow slaughter is banned, can Indians easy beef if cows that die a natural death or imported beef from non secular cows from non socialist counties?? Hope it is secular to imp impose conservative eating p practices of a small Hindu up pet caste minority??

Actually, what I believe is that the issues oh health, education, gender emo empowerment, transparent governance, devolution of democratic principles to the grassroots and internal security are some important issues directly linked to humanity, and such issues are beyond the capacity of our political executives that perhaps that is why they all including opposition have hatched a conspiracy to play with issues related to sentiments rather that the above issues …. We must understand this conspiracy before it’s too late. And till then we all must hold each other, and stand for the issues which we all think are necessary that being unnecessary involved in foolfish debates !! We should not let fee people to play with our sentiments !!!!!

I believe things will change!!
Loads of love and respect for her as always !!
Beparvah !!!


9 thoughts on “My Take On Intolerance !!”

  1. “an atmosphere of fear that encourage conformity”
    These words encompass the true meaning of intolerance. Intolerance is not the tangible things like political stunts or riots or whatever. Those are manifestations of a much more primitive state. It is the state that you described in those words.

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