3 Days 3 Quotes Round 3, Day 1!

Anand at blabberwockinying! is such a wonderful friend and a nice human being whom I have been following since past two months or so. He is a very sorted person, encouraged me evey time whenever  I am depressed ( very often).  He said that he likes the way I write straight from the heart. He is e first to nominate me for awards. I am thankful for his kind words and support.
He is a very nice friend of mine, a good human being and an amazing support system…I would like to recommend my fellow bloggers and all others  to visit his blog and follow him !!!

Challenge’s rules:

1. Post three consecutive days.
2.You can pick one or three quotes per
3. Challenge three different bloggers
     per day.

My quotes…. for day 1

1. “Some feelings sink so deep into the
     heart that only loneliness can help
     you find them again. Some truths are
     so painful that only shame can help
     you live with them. Some things are
     so sad that only your soul can do the
     crying for them.”
                                   – Gregory David

2. “Mirror is my best friend because
     when I cry it never laugh “..


3. This is my third one and one of my


I would really like to read from the following bloggers ….

1. lifeisafterallbeautiful.wordpress.com
2. sulphurman.wordpress.com
3. vamagandhi.WordPress.com

Loads of love and respect for her as always !!!
Beparvah !!


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