3 Days 3 Quotes Round 3, Day 3 !

This is just a continuation of what my friend Anand at blabberwockinying! (a  wonderful friend of mine and a nice human being ) has given me the opportunity to participate in this challenge …
I would like to recommend my fellow bloggers and all others  to visit his blog and follow him 🙂

Challenge’s rules: once again !!!

1. Post three consecutive days.
2.You can pick one or three quotes per
3. Challenge three different bloggers
     per day.

My quotes…. for day 3
Something based on empathy !!!

I shared quotes on life then on love which is followed by empathy. Recently understood all the three….

1. “Remember that everyone you meet
     is afraid of something, loves
     something and has lost something”
                            – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

2. “I think we all have empathy, we may
      not have the courage tho display”

                                           -Maya Angelou

3. ” Empathy is communicating that incredibly healing message of ‘ you are not alone’ “

                                             – Brene Brown

This time I would love to read from brilliant fellow bloggers whom I admire …

1. aaliyahzahra.wordpress.com

2. literatureismyporn.wordpress.com

3. lifeintinysteps.wordpress.com


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