The Only Message I Have For You !!!

History has not yet known to respect
       you, not only tears, there are
glowing embers within you !! Not only
      your youth, your existence has
a value in my life !! Break the bond of
custom, from the prison of tradition,
Move out of the type cast roles provided
      to you…. Break the shackles !!!

Break the doubts and uncertainies
    about what is right. Break the
vow that for you is a fetter. Break the
   standards set the so called “wise

      You are Aristotle’s ideas &  the philosophy of  Bentham and a symbol
   of strength, the sky is your palm !!! Rise… until it’s too late… Time will not
            wait for you but I will !!!

Rise my love !! Am with you , you have
      to walk with me. Sparks of
rebellion are astir in the air, today both
    time and life have not one resolve, today rocks swril around in delicate

My love, I will always be with you… Life
       lies in the battle, and not in
patience and restraint only. Life’s veins
   have blood and not trembling tears only !!! I will wait till you come out of the
         shell, I will surrender to love
because I cannot think of a life without
                          you …. 🙂

Take your time, am there !! Loads of love and tonnes of respect for you as always !!! 🙂
Beparvah !!


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