She Made Me Cry !!

Today, I am late ….
I planned to post few more notes for her but could not fulfill that as of now..
This post is what I wrote way back in August after my prelims examination was over and the fear of losing her from
my life have started taking shape…



Pardon my handwriting …..
I just wanted to share what I wrote out of extreme pain on 29th august 2015..
I hope, one day she will read all this ….
What I want you tho know that I will always be there for you… I am just a call ahead.. Since last five months, apart from your voice, I felt you everywhere… Literally everywhere and always.. because you resides deep inside my soul…
Please come back !!!

Loads of love and good wishes !!!
Beparvah !!!


31 thoughts on “She Made Me Cry !!”

    1. Its like a faith….
      Am happy that you asked this question.. The way we pray to god, have we seen any of them…. Bit we believe that they are looking after the humanity !!
      In similar way I hope and believe at the same time that she might be reading them all…or she will read one day…
      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much…
        I am left with nothing except this hope… Only 13days ate left for my exam …. But I just cannot think of anything else apart from the lines she used to say…
        I believe that if I am honest …the almighty will help me !!
        Thank you so much for your support 🙂 it means a l lot.

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      2. I can tell that your love is true. I hope she feels the same way. Stay strong. You are awesome. But hey exams should be good. Think for a better future mate.

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      3. Yes…. I hope so too….
        I know prayers won’t go waste, many of my friends are praying for me since the past five months for this phase because once this is resolved …I can resume living instead of respiring !!

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    1. Oh… I am sorry to know that…
      She made me realize what love is and then I lost her voice in the crowd… I still remember your first comment on my post when I wrote about that story ” a petition to god” …I reside tho let her memories fade… I cannot let her go… She runs in my veins….
      Thank you so much for your support buddy 🙂

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      1. It happens. Love is a very tricky thing where one feels it in every breathe while the other just plays with it. But life is bigger than love and we always have to optimistic about our existence 🙂

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      2. Yes, that’s true
        But I never had a life… Before I met her.. I had always been in dark… So losing her means, I have to go back to that life of mine…. For me life is where she stands and nothing else … May be it sounds wired… In fact I really b believe that I am going insane… That scares me !!

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