What I Would Do !!!

I will love you, pamper you, care for you and give you everything that I can… I will make you feel on the ninth blood with my undying love for you πŸ™‚

I will make you feel the best woman on this planet ( that’s relatively an easy task ….I just have to maintain honesty here πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But the moment I feel avoided, unwanted, ignored, and sidelined, instead of moving out silently, I would hold on to it, try to understand where I went wrong….

You made me realize my strength, you
kept your faith on me, you cared for me ..you are a person that comes once in a lifetime..thus I cannot afford to lose you from my life..

Your absence is unbearable, I have realized what it means to miss someone , I would say that it’s not about how long I have not seen you, or the amount of conversation but it’s about every moment whenever I am doing something or the other….I wish to have your presence around…

I can understand that things are not good, you must have problems around .. May be it’s not the time to go ahead with it…. But believe me, I refuse to settle for an ordinary love. I would like to hold your hand, walk fallen the street, ( could be a photo walk also), I want to express my happiness tho everyone that how lucky I am to have you in my life !!!! I will wait for the rest of my life.

Yes you are correct, love does not lead to fall, it helps us to rise, it involves trust, care, sacrifice, compassion. Its all about giving instead of any expectation. Its much beyond our self being !!!

Based on this understanding I have noticed that my life has become something else than what I planned…
Reading your posts everyday have reimposed my thinking on love  every time.

I would like to share that, every moment since I met you, had been a gift for me. I wish I could express to you about my  love in the most appropriate manner and time… Though I strongly believe that someday, the time would come which will support me and my love & till then I will wait and I won’t regret at all !!!

Yesterday, I had another sleepless night,  my mind began to wander to my past… It was asking 4:13 am there was little hope that I might get done sleep after the sleeping pills.. I thought my soul was about to go out of my hollowed and emptied body.. I believed that that my body was at low tide.. Blood in the veins were moving very slow, I was near to my death…

Later, today around 6:39 am I went to  look at myself before the mirror and I saw deep & dark circles under my eyes… Deeper into my skull in  contrast to my pale skin; there is an undeniable resemblance to a fresh corpse. !!!

Later in the morning, I realized that sleep is nothing but a patch of death to me now… sleepless nights with full wide eyed staring at you.  Your eyes with spectacle, your nose ring, and the tiny mole on your right jaw that adds to your beauty… This is something I call living death… Though am not read tho give up because my heart and soul resides within your body….

Loads of love and respect πŸ™‚
Beparvah !!


11 thoughts on “What I Would Do !!!

  1. chod dein saari duniya kisi ke liye ye munaasib nahi aadmi ke liye;pyaar se bhi jaroori kai kaam he ………..apne papa ko dekho , sehat ka dhayaan rakho,pyaar taaqat deta he,kamjori ya khudgarji nahi…. ….tumhaara pyaar kahin nahi khoyΓ‘ he….voh to tumhaare dil me bus chuka he hΓ meshΓ  ke liye.

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