Around Your Thoughts & Memories!!


   You might remember me for my
               nagging behavior,
My stupid logic, and reasoning; you
      might feel that I am insecure
          & emotionally unstable;

You might believe that I am good at
   manipulating  & also a hypocrite
     as you used to call me often

You might not be comfortable with my
       stupid texts, and the questions,
You might cut all communication links
      But do I need any of that links ??
       You are deep inside my soul…

But I will always be a motivator for you
         I will stand by  you no matter
          what comes next.. I have
     always appreciated  your talent
            Because you deserved it.
             You are a multi tasking

I know one of your darkest phases of
     life and the way you handled it,
shows your conviction, courage, and
     power. But I would like to say
that I would always be there for you,
          hold your hand and walk
  through the darkness towards light,
        towards your aspirations !!

   My respect for you is beyond limits..
       I have always prayed for your
    success in the past & will continue
      to do I don’t get scared of the
        fact that you would surpass
             me……because I have
      always admitted that you are
  much better than me in most areas ….

There is no male ego, no insecurity
     I have learned many things
from you, writing blog is one them
      You are my inspiration… My   
              Source of energy!!!

  On the contrary, I always wanted to
   maintain your smile on your lips.
             Never had the fear of
        being surpassed by you !!!!

Always keep in mind those small things
      that would make you smile, only
because it gives me a highest sense of
If this is called love, then I am madly in
     love with you, if this is called  
    worship, then I am all ready to
                   worship you!!

Loads of love and respect for you as always 🙂
Beparvah !!!



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