Wooden Easel Art Stand For An Artist !!

And she walked away from me saying
     she need some time & space
She also said that, she was not able to
     handle such  emotions at the
                      moment !!!

I can understand and for you I can wait
        for years and decades …. But
every time, it is you whose thoughts are
     in my mind.. Even if I see a person
  having  mudi with extra “Khatta, I can
    feel your presence, even if some
one says ” gorom korche gorom korche
     then I recall your smiling face is what comes to my mind first…. I am not
      away from you at all. Living every
                second with you….

Just wanna share one incident which
    happened last week when I was coming back from the university after
              taking a class…I saw
  a shop containing loads of drawing
          related articles… It reminded
      me of you and your paintings .

On you last birthday in the year 2015, I
      had planned to gift the same drawing stand but I couldn’t….As I was
      restricted to many limitations.
I need to convince others also for it and
       was too early to gift I presume
( the English usage which I learned
                      from you)


This time when I saw that same stand
I couldn’t resist myself and went into
       the shop and asked for it and collected all sorts of information related to price and delivery etch.. It is made for
        you dear. Please do accept it
   on your birthday in the coming year.

I know it’s too early for the next year but
     too late if we consider that it was suppose to be gifted last year…..Its all
               about perspective !!!

  I know that material gifts is what you
        don’t like, but it will have an   
            emotion attached to it.
    It would give me a reason to smile !!

Loads of love and respect for you as always 🙂
Beparvah !!!


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