50 thoughts on “PREMIO DARDOS AWARD!!!”

    1. Yes… because I have converted my weakness into my strength, just loving someone without any expectation is just amazing and when I think of it as something that would go for the rest of the life… it makes me even more happy and wrathful …
      God bless you !!

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    1. Btw I hope you will agree with the other facts about myself but for that a little time is required … I sincerely hope we can get some time since day…
      God bless you and all his wishes for you 🙂

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      1. Till then, I will only pray, whenever I get an opportunity, for you and others whom I considered as my friend, for all success, happiness, and a lovely life ahead.. That’s the only pure form of emotion I can percolate…
        Tc bro!

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  1. u have nominated me at rank u mean about 13?thirteen means terah or in punjaabi language it is meant tera.tera meas yours.vaah kya baat he.thanks for me nominated.god bless u.

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