Every  award gives me the scope to compare my present with my past. It gives me immense pleasure to observe the daily changes within me from the day I started my blogging life!!! 

I started my blog only based on her  inspiration; the same person who gave my life back when I was at my darkest phase.. She made me write, encouraged me by her writing, and today getting another award is just amazing !!! Would like to dedicate this to her and all those who have supported me throughout !!! I am blessed to get this The Versatile Blogger Award ... This is indeed a great moment for me ..
Its actually called the premio dardos award, completely new to me but certainly very special!!!

The meaning of the award lies in the spirit of friendship, creativity, community & originality 🙂

Thanks a lot to Akhila who considered me as a Versatile Blogger. She is a wonderful blogger and a friend.. She is indeed a versatile creative person!! Pls do check her blog –

The rules:

Thank the person that has nominated you & include a link to their blog.Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.Share seven different facts about yourself.

7 Facts about me

This require high degree of cognitive sense and sensitivity. Rarely people know themselves.. In fact, I am also in search of myself hence the name of my blog is
“insearchofmyself ” … Though I will try to state some facts about me..

1. I belong to this human race with all my blood and flesh.. A creature with a soul that resides in heart…

2. I am a hopelessly romantic person, I  could find love everywhere, be it a sport, book, criticism or hatred… because all these are expressions of love!!

3. Am a lawyer, earned enough INR, can sustain myself and my family, can afford a car, a 4 bed room apartment but cannot afford to hurt people whom I love the most..

4. I don’t believe in collecting money, I believe in rag picking from everywhere, be it from the intellectual garbage or in the innocence around me …

5. I believe in gravity, it has always been a great teacher. It helped me to remain grounded always ….

6. I don’t fear death because I have seen it and felt it from inches away twice, but I fear losing my loved ones, even a little scratch bothers me a lot..

7. And yes, now a days, I try to smile also!!!

And here comes my nominations:-


Ohhh….. Wish I could give this to some more blogger friends because they all are equally brilliant…. It’s only I am restricted to 15 as per the rule…

God bless you all
Loads of respect and love for you!!


50 thoughts on “PREMIO DARDOS AWARD!!!”

    1. Yes… because I have converted my weakness into my strength, just loving someone without any expectation is just amazing and when I think of it as something that would go for the rest of the life… it makes me even more happy and wrathful …
      God bless you !!

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    1. Btw I hope you will agree with the other facts about myself but for that a little time is required … I sincerely hope we can get some time since day…
      God bless you and all his wishes for you 🙂

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      1. Till then, I will only pray, whenever I get an opportunity, for you and others whom I considered as my friend, for all success, happiness, and a lovely life ahead.. That’s the only pure form of emotion I can percolate…
        Tc bro!

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  1. u have nominated me at rank u mean about 13?thirteen means terah or in punjaabi language it is meant tera.tera meas yours.vaah kya baat he.thanks for me nominated.god bless u.

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