The Search !!

I have walked the roads across the earth’s breast….. A huge travel from Sri Lankan waters to the Malaysian sea, seen people, characters all around…. seen the the fading world of Vimbisara and Ashoka …. in search of my soulmate !!!

I was told that it was my mistake to love someone with all my heart, to care for someone without being asked to… Well
Now I have this reply that… If this was my mistake then perhaps it has given me the motion required in my life!!


I have learned that love between people is much more difficult to understand and appreciate than the love for a  supreme being !!

I still strongly believe that love is above everything, there cannot be any hatred in love but only the occasional mistake.

Yes, despite being weary soul, the ocean of life around continues to foam..except from the few soothing moments with one whom I loved !!

I used to look into her eyes and I saw the light there, I felt as if I met the person whom I wanted to meet in the world. I felt that my search was over.. Everyday used to see the same person, prayed for her everyday since I met her, looked at her doing same things , but everyday was different because of the great love that I felt !!!

At the day’s end the evening crawls in like the sound of dens, the kite flaps off the smell of sun from its wings; when all the colors take leave from the world except for the flicker of the hovering fireflies; the manuscript is ready with all my love carrying a fugacious claim…

Still I felt that a gift of love and gratitude for the fact that she exist and because I have waited so long to find you… and it kept me going!!!

Her long hair as if the dark night of long lost Vidisha, her face reminiscent of the shadow, it seemed as if a ship wrecked Mainer in a far away sea has spotted a cinnamon island lived with greenish grass!!!!

Still looking for her everywhere raising my eyes of profound refuge !!!

Loads of love & respect
Beparvah !!!


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