Don’t Need Another Nirbhaya !!!

Last time when the prelims exam was over, I felt like being jobless….. but after the mains examination I have loads of work pending… Most importantly the book that I have already started….

This write up I wanted to post way back but couldn’t post it due to extreme shortage of time… Without further delay I would like to post this… Please pardon my language and expressions if at all I end up hurting sentiments…but it was necessary to shed the hypocrisy of “shame”…

We have talked about rape, talked about Jyoti’s case, Suzette’s case and about the minor… People are out on the street protesting and demanding justice, the social media is full of provoking and thoughtful posts….. And in both the case few things are common…
The punishment was delayed and both the victim failed to witness justice, both showed the impotency of law or law enforcing agencies….

But what about the crimes on women which happens everyday unnoticed… Is sensationalization is that much important ?????

The only question, whether a girl is born girl or did she becomes one????

Say for example , birth control in India is hardly a woman’s prerogative , the question is why??? The low levels of literacy amongst the gender, the pressure to marry and become a mother at the earliest is nothing but an indirect validation of a man’s sexual prowess. Deeply ashamed !!! This is also sanctioned by patriarchy, which exercises this domination over women’s body and sexual choices !!!

In 2009, 48.4 per cent of married women were estimated to use a contraceptive method, meaning, more than half of all married women did not, and approximately three-fourths of these were going the female sterilisation route that till date remains the mainstay of India’s family planning modus operandi. What a shame ….

Condoms, at a dismal three per cent were the next most prevalent method. No wonder then that we add up to 10,00,000 people to our population count every 20 days. And yet,  women, even those of urban, elite and professionally successful – wonder what it will be like to actually carry a condom on them..

A brave new Durex condom ad …. that aspires to shatter the stereotypes associated with men and condoms, with a group of free-spirited women listening to a bunch of men talking about how they would find a woman carrying rubber in her purse a secret turn-on, a sign of self-confidence and a fact that she cares about her body, just as much as she seeks sexual fulfilment.

Because let’s face it .. India, where a woman is raped every 20 minutes, and kissing in public is taboo, where marital rape may never be criminalised for the sake of salvaging the crumbling edifice of marriage, where a woman dies every hour owing to a dowry-related reason, where even a four-year-old child isn’t spared from being brutally gang-raped, even a simple commercial is perceived as a terrible cultural threat.

The few questions ..Is protection another way to assert patriarchy ? Why does a woman carrying one make her a promiscuous, cheap slut? Why are eyebrows raised if a woman saunters into a medical store and asks for a pack of condoms, instead of the I-pill? Or keeps them in her bathroom closet, or in her bedside drawer? Does that make her fast? Too fast? Not the sati-savitri material? Single? Available? An easy lay? And why do men dislike slipping on the condom so much?

The issue assumes serious proportions since, India has one of the highest number of HIV-infected people in the world. Why can’t there be a consensus on using the condom? Why can a woman not take the lead, if Indian men are shaky and squeamish or stubborn about safe sex? Maybe, it’s time to treat sexual gratification as an equal rights movement; to claim the condom as our own, and to reclaim our sexual health…..

Please understand and appreciate the gravity of the seriousness of the simple issues of the other sex….

Opportunity can come from any place and from every moment where we all can contribute …  Therefore, I believe that it is always very important to focus on preparation process than anything else !!

Way back in 2010, I worked on a paper, a research paper on cyber law and emerging issues… It was my first paper presentation at the National Round … In that, I got appreciation for my paper and the topic on which I wrote..


Few days back all of a sudden, I got a call from the Dept. Of Law & Governance , JNU, Delhi. They are organizing another public talk show on cyber crimes in India & the cyber policy 2015… They were scrutinizing and selecting new authors from India &  abroad  on these issues. But a preference is given to those who had a specialization… As I have submitted 5 research papers on this area and seven seminar papers on cyber “crime – women” , they have invited me to be one of the speakers from students side to argue the same with the legal eagles of our country !!!

Hope to express the issues well before them.. Don’t want to argue, just want to express the agony that normally women of my country faces every now and then… Will move soon …

Loads of love and respect..
Beparvah !!!


10 thoughts on “Don’t Need Another Nirbhaya !!!

  1. First of all, plenty of wishes for your Mains, and upcoming festivities of Dattatreya Jayanti, Milad-un-Nabi and Christmas in a concertino fashion. And, I am sure you would impress audience in your upcoming talk with your beparvah approach, subject knowledge and emphatic sense of writing.

    Your points are well raised, and I have been blogging on this issue ( my blogposts- Maladies of Y, When the babies came from sky, Loving license, Cracking the Paanwallah code, Land of Kamasutra ). There are indeed plenty of stigmas and biases, not only in India, I would say in more than half world’s population. I would say even west has many biases for women. This could be natural and inherent, but its time to come over it.

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  2. womem r tourcherd not only in india bt many countries .i do’nt neeđ anothefNirbhàyà.from ancient age woman r being a toys for men.v try to chang mèn’s mentelity .t0 teach hef o preserķģñģ

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  3. need to teach about preventive methods for girls r laws could not do for anyone coz decisions r came in present after torcherd person’s will is to want of killing dt person who is d coz of cruelty,raping n murdering of jyoti.


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