Don’t Need Another Nirbhaya !!!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Need Another Nirbhaya !!!”

  1. First of all, plenty of wishes for your Mains, and upcoming festivities of Dattatreya Jayanti, Milad-un-Nabi and Christmas in a concertino fashion. And, I am sure you would impress audience in your upcoming talk with your beparvah approach, subject knowledge and emphatic sense of writing.

    Your points are well raised, and I have been blogging on this issue ( my blogposts- Maladies of Y, When the babies came from sky, Loving license, Cracking the Paanwallah code, Land of Kamasutra ). There are indeed plenty of stigmas and biases, not only in India, I would say in more than half world’s population. I would say even west has many biases for women. This could be natural and inherent, but its time to come over it.

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  2. womem r tourcherd not only in india bt many countries .i do’nt neeđ anothefNirbhàyà.from ancient age woman r being a toys for men.v try to chang mèn’s mentelity .t0 teach hef o preserķģñģ

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  3. need to teach about preventive methods for girls r laws could not do for anyone coz decisions r came in present after torcherd person’s will is to want of killing dt person who is d coz of cruelty,raping n murdering of jyoti.


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