Aspects Of Her !!

   She walks behind me, from a polite
distance, keeping her eye on me. I try to
   hide in a crowd; she pretends her mind is elsewhere, or at best, she looks
as if she is fooled & separates herself

Still she follows, I quickly, silently, hide
  behind a crumbling wall, it’s moss
rubs off on my face; when suddenly I
  find her holding on to the other side,
Standing, keeping up an appearance of
                   studied regard !!!

Her eyes, expressionless, she keeps
   fixed on me , yet in fact, she may be looking upwards… Seeing a bird, the cloud’s movements. When it begins to
  rain, unconstrained she moved under
under my umbrella, like a snail…. And
  today every second I miss all these aspects of her but still happy to carry  
                     love for her …

Loads of love and respect
Beparvah !!!


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