Lost Twice But Still Being In Love

12 thoughts on “Lost Twice But Still Being In Love”

    1. Thank you so much…. It really means a lot… Yes I keep on dedicating my love and affection to those whom I loved…. Meeting you in person was entirely my pleasure… Yes thank you for the book, it is amazing…. It is something that I need to carry with me all the time….
      Thank you… 🙂

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    2. plz support to beparvaah n say him dt going past never return and life gives us to deniy.he is extra intteligent guy bt do’nt know about himself.plz help him to return in real world.i do’not want to lost him again.

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      1. welcome..i saw ur photo in beparvaah blog.u r cute n sweet n kind natured guy as i feel.so i have request u.beparvaaf should be at farest place from his residence.if u do plz call at Europe.he is extra intteligent guy.most welcome again.

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  1. beparvaah ji !! u r searching of yourself or ur beloved.ur beloved is made a Godess by u.now u can only worship her.plz accept reality n make marriege for ur father’s happieness.ur life is not only for u.love is a strenght for new begining not for destroying all things.

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  2. You write so well and you are a man of emotions. I can understand how difficult it must be with all those emotions flooding through you. So much that you have no idea how to hold yourself together. I am of the same cloth and it feels good to have come across someone so passionate about life and relationships 🙂

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