Happy To Be In Love !!

Love is hard to find, and harder to keep. But all that matters is the feeling of being in love..To live for someone is what life is all about….no matter what we get in return… Some of my friends call me stubborn..

This is not a disease, rather it’s a gift of my  imperfections and vulnerabilities where all the beauty resides…

It is true that sometimes you have to love people from a distance and give them the required time and space … No doubt that it is very painful but it calls for patience !!! It’s a test !! Rarely people, irrespective of gender, are ready to live in denial. And this idea helps them to move on in life. But I am making à habit of it which is only backed by my honesty and sincere love for her !!

When you feel a strong urge to enter into a relationship with someone despite all sorts of hindrances, rest be sure that you have found your soulmate… I have been experiencing the same every time, especially the way things are unfolding.. 

Where there is a potential for the greatest love, there is also a greatest potential of pain, soulmate relationship includes both.. !!

This darkness is insane; very dense!! It pierces my heart ; the feeling of being ignored is painful but still I am happy with the fact that it is all mine… In her lap, I’ll rest my head to sleep. In her arms, I’ll hide myself to cry. I will wait for her all my life…. “It’s a weird feeling ” some may think. To this, I have only one thing to say that, so far I have listened to my mind; for the first time I want to see where I land up by listening to my heart..

But It’s not a story of a miracle, I am no different from the rest, it’s not a story of courage, it’s a simple story of love, an undying love, that I have for her, the search of myself has ended up to find my love.

Love that breaks you, still keeps you to get there, love that creates distances to brings you closer, love that is true, & forever… 🙂


    Light seems to have deserted me..
There is darkness everywhere… I wish I
    find some ray of light, some hope.
This is what I feel every time whenever
       I am thinking of her and feel
    her absence from all spheres of
Life is filled with the pain of loneliness
Every happiness is bidding me adieu
            My time is running out.

      There is an unheard clamor in
the silence of my nights. I really wonder
     which is the string that is pulling
me without tying me ???  May be the
    love for her.. may be it’s not the time..Life has become inorganic, all her
    thoughts have imprisoned my
soul, I wish I will find some hope, some
             ray of light some day….

However, I can see the light close by
     every time when I breath with a
hope to meet her some day, when my
    heart beats for her.. This phase of
darkness is only momentary… It’s just
                    not the time !!
  Don’t forget this story or reduce the emotions attached to this… A human
              life is depending on it
      It is the only humble request !!

Loads of love and respect for her…
Beparvah !!!

P.S. Please forgive me for writing on the same line again and again… I am helpless…. It’s the only place where I can speak out  and might reach out to her !!


3 thoughts on “Happy To Be In Love !!”

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