Transitions In Love !!!


109 roses in one plant, it brings a big smile on my face after a long long time… God is great !! Would like to dedicate this to all those wonderful people in my life… And I would like to dedicate the 110th rose, the special one which will soon pop up by tomorrow to my love…Β  She is special indeed !! 


This is another special one that I have  dedicated to my mother and in fact all the mothers because of their great qualities; their warmth that can heal any degree of pain, their power of enduring pain and the amount of sacrifice they sustain, the quality that conjures up dust into something meaningful….Β 

Every time and almost in my every post I have mentioned about my love, the girl who has changed me completely. I feel so complete after I met her…. and today in her memory I have been doing a little bit of gardening in my home just to make her happy and would like to dedicate to all my friends here in WordPress for being with me so far…


This is a group of few flowers which are less on quantity but full of love and contain the serene beauty of the nature !! God is really great πŸ™‚


This is dahlia, wish I could make it a little more bigger so that it could wrap the world with love and care !!



Roses are always with thorns… it’s not new, to involve in true love demands courage, it requires honesty and a kind of passion for that special person, it require the capacity to sacrifice… It is never planned. The more I try to move on…the more I think of her, in every moment of my life I can feel her around like a fragrance.

In search of my self I found my love and in order to pursue my love I have transformed from a non fictional person to a fiction lover, started writing blog which I never thought of, gardening is my latest passion and I wonder what else I am going to be transformed in her love and her memories !!!

Loads of love and respect..
Beparvah !!

P.S. Please don’t mind with the poor photography skills !! God bless πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Transitions In Love !!!”

  1. yeah.true love demands sacrifice like d rose. i adore n admire of ur feelings about flowers.i liked ur guldaudi n dehlia flowers.thΓ‘nks for liking my posts.ur garden seems like a group of ur friends.

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