Yardsticks To Love !!

Chief Tecumseh….
“Love your life,
Perfect your life,
Beautify all things in your life,
Seek to make your life long, and it’s purpose in the service of your people.. “

This is one of my favorite poems which taught me to be humble, the role of perseverance in success, it inspired me to read more and toughen up a little bit hard.. !! Luxury comes at the cost of killing your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions. So I have decided to be a stoic and read at least a book in a week..

Yes, to express the feeling of love for someone is very difficult.. Love is a profound emotion which triggers relaxation and promote emotional bondage and closeness. But it isΒ  supposed to be hard, the hard is what makes it great !!

When someone becomes everything for you, your life; when your destiny depends on the lines of someone else’s palm; if their failure makes you cry and make you feel the pain of being a failure, when your head rises up in their success… then it becomes difficult to move on !!Β  Is it possible to move away from life !!! Is it possible to feel someone’s presence all the time?… Is the level of oxytocin has increased to a great level?? Is it an addiction to love someone madly….?

Well love is everything… & life is all about love.. I have seen my friends and people basically choose between two things- love and something else than love. I have witnessed that it is the people who choose love, always turned out to be right !!!

We all have light inside us, even I being a stubborn creature also have that light & the best way we can shine is through love which can also illuminate our relationships !!

I have realized that the most important relationship that we will ever have is the relationship that we have with ourselves and next is the relationship which we share with one another . We are here on this earth to love and to be loved & thus love is light !!

Whether I am thinking too much about her only to prove my self or to satisfy my ego which men are often blamed of.? Well, I really don’t want to go into this and generalize the matter, rather I would like to answer for myself that why am I thinking of her so much? Why am I not afraid of being accused of a crime called love?

To answer these questions, I have given a deep thought and drawn some analogies to make it clear that she is the one who is my life !!

These are few yardsticks which will certainly help others to get to know whether they are in love with the right person or not… It’s going to be very interesting !!

Firstly, I imagined the picture of the Sun in the big blue sky, we all feel the warmth of her rays and consider how the sun continue to show up everyday, sharing it’s light and energy so unconditionally… Is somebody on your life that remind you of the sun? Someone who loves you so unconditionally??

My love for her is like that and she brought that light into my life when there was darkness all around me !!
How can I forget this? Am not that civilized !!

Then comes the picture of a lighthouse and it’s role.. The light emanating from the top of the structure at the ocean’s edge where the sea meets the land with a purpose to help and guide sailors… Is there someone who helps you, guides you home?Β 

I am happy to share that she was the one who in the hardest time of my life, helped me, guided me in the right direction, helped me to come closer to my family…. She helped me to come close to the truth about who I am; to the person that I am meant to be; to the path that I am meant to be on!!!!

Finally, the last yardstick will be a disco ball from where lights are bouncing off of it. Think of an energy in the room where you might find this unique person who shows up with all fun, love and spreading all the energy, wherever and whenever they are.. I find her to be exactly the same as the disco ball.. She encouraged me to live and to love.. She has the energy and light which healed my broken heart…

The best part of her was that she was free to be herself and most of us know that how difficult this can be…

She discovered the reason of my sadness out of her own, and helped me to come out of it … I consider her to be my sun, my light house, and my disco ball; without whom I just cannot move ahead!! Her impact in my life is huge!!

I have discovered my love and it is difficult to convey the same to some one who knows a lot about love. It requires great courage, honesty and thought !!! I wish someday I will be able to convey in the right words, in the right manner and in the right time !!

Loads of love and respect for her ..
Beparvah !!


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