Time & Space !!!


This is very true and at the same time very harsh.. It may be my immaturity and stupidity to write and analyze such a great thought, but I would like to try a little bit…

The above mentioned quote is what I have been made to experience.. I have understood the most difficult words I have ever heard from a women in my life whom I loved so much. The words are “time and space”and perhaps this is what the hidden meaning of it , which Christopher Poindexter wanted to express !! My sincere thanks & regards!!

She was brave enough to go through this tough stage and painful test all alone… and I didn’t understood what she really meant by this, how she was going through all these days…

I understood one thing that I will play my role in life and love with such a passion that even if the curtains are down, the applause doesn’t stop !!! This is what she also believed in… The purpose of life !!!

This quotation helped me by giving me a clarity, by giving me an extra power and perseverance to wait for my love because it’s true, and not going to die so early!!!


Moreover, god cannot be so cruel, god will surely give the value of the sacrifice, tears and honor the feeling of love which had no expectation i.e., unconditional love ; a love with the only purpose of giving and not taking, love that sustained upon faith, trust, respect, friendship & not a compromise; love that can travel long distances…

There are very few fortunate people around the globe who get their loved ones as their life partners and all of us wanted to be counted in that list.. But it requires patience, courage & sacrifice…  

My best wishes to her wherever she is.. Loads of love and respect as always!!
I will keep praying for her health and success !!!
Beparvah 🙂


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