Learning Through Stories !!

20 thoughts on “Learning Through Stories !!”

  1. Your articles are not just eye openers, but they instil a sense of utter self confidence & positivity in the mind of the reader. In this case, Indian reader.

    I, really must say, that every post that you draft has always a great amount of wisdom to it. The way you dissect & offer us the truth is par excellence!

    Thank you for being the wave of positivity we all need. 👍🏻

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating.. To be at honest, I just write what I feel and am really happy that I have contributed something….
      Thank you to you for supporting..
      And thanks to her who turned an idiot into someone who can write a little..
      Your comment means a lot 🙂
      Thank you!!

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  2. It is high time we as a society break the gender based stereotypes, start taking individuals (both men and women) for what they are instead of placing women on a high pedestal, expecting hem to be perfect in all senses, and punishing them for not being so. A thoughtful post.

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  3. The problem with rape in most of the countries is, it is considered as a social stigma. A rapist can defile a woman’s body, but he would never be able to violate her honour. In our society, a raped woman is looked upon as if she has done a crime. I can’t understand this! No woman invites rape, even if she wears a short dress or is out alone, she NEVER calls for a rape. I think it’s high time that we should raise our voice against all these, against all stereotyping of women, and of men. We should understand that the world is like a balance, man and woman are placed with equal weight on it… 🙂

    thanks for presenting such a well-written article on these issues…

    Heard about the TMC program….no words!

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    1. Thank you for Thor constant support.. We are actually late by now… It’s the time for action …I think financial empowerment along with education can do help for the time being…. But the question of mind set is hard to achieve…. I can try from my home… though I am left with no woman in my house…
      Thank you once again 🙂

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  4. I don’t understand what kind of pleasure these rapists are getting from a defending woman. Is it just to insult and hurt her? And ultimately the victim is crucified for everything. I just can’t tolerate all these social evils..
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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    1. Sorry for replying late…
      I really don’t think that I have the capacity to understand the animal, inhuman and cruel form of pleasure that these rapists do possess… But any form of mercy debates on them is what I cannot understand… I think it is more than insulting or hurting… It’s something related to express the hardcore patriarchal ideas, it’s about the lack of tolerance among men who cannot accept the empowering and self sustained women power……
      Society is nothing but a composed of these people, so I don’t expect anything….
      Thank you for the constant support !!

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  5. Great article, Beparvah. What makes it even worse (if that is possible) is that so many so-called intelligent and educated men in so-called civilised societies still seem to think that women are inferior, second class, and virtually the property of men. We have a long, long way to go, still.

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      1. Dt do’nt know n respect thier culture and blind fot western cultur.all world admire our culture’s speciality and they r insulted thier own cultre.they will go to hell at last.m i right?plz reply.

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