Three + Two Is Equal To Five !!!

42 thoughts on “Three + Two Is Equal To Five !!!”

    1. Thank you so much… 🙂
      Never thought that I would be able to do anything in this field … You are absolutely right !!
      But I don’t know whether to thank God for this achievement because i have been paying a huge price everyday !!
      Thank you. So much !!!

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  1. Yeah .dt is fine idea to remember ur these flowers she will be with u n forces u to smile by her fragrance.”rahe na rahe hum, mahka karenge ban ke kali
    banke sabaa baage-bafaa me…….

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      1. Dis is my favourite song.o bepetvaah i m now so much tired den i will do conversation in morning.plz do’mind.realy i m so much tired so now going to sleep.u too take a sleepy happy night.good night n sweet dreams.

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  2. Beautiful are these flowers
    Especially the black rose
    I can’t do anything when it comes to nature
    Ask me to write
    Or some art work
    I once killed a cactus by over watering it
    Great post

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    1. Yes they are flowers…
      Even I was also the same as you were… Just learned them after reading n practicing in the last 8 months… Thank you so much appreciating !!


      1. Actually last 8-9 months , I read books a lot on these simultaneously…. so I can only relate to what the books have to say…
        Sorry…. It’s Hindi or Bengali name…. I really don’t know… Sorry for creating more confusion !!

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      2. I thanked you because you took the effort to find out the name and informed me…. It really means a lot:)
        Oh yes… The second one is in my book… Wish I could show it to you but it has been with my neighbor since last few days !


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