Three + Two Is Equal To Five !!!

For the last couple of days I was attending a marriage ceremony of my relative… In the third day of the function, the results of the Calcutta  flower show was declared and I got a call…

The person on the other side was congratulating me and I was asked to be present in the prize distribution function in the evening !! It was my first, so I was excited …


Medals won in the Calcutta flower show at the Eden Gardens yesterday..  Three gold and two silver. However, I have involved  myself for the first time in this field out of no other choice but to engage myself in something apart from work, as I was being consumed by my loneliness everyday in the past 8 months…



This is a special and rare variety of black rose.. This got some special attention in the competition!!



I still remember that sunday afternoon in the month of august last year when I met her.. I still believe that one day  would certainly come when I will be fortunate enough to meet her again… I really miss her every moment.. I can feel my heart is getting heavier day by day…

Although she severed all the material connections with me but still there is something which is keeping me awake almost every night, tears have still not stopped from rolling down my cheeks….

I just pray to god, that keep her safe wherever she is and give her the extra power and strength to achieve what she always wanted to achieve. Everyday, I am praying to god for her smile and health…

These medals are for her… I would like to dedicate them to her because it is only her thoughts that came into my mind whenever I involved myself in this kind of gardening; I remembered what she used to say about the nature’s beauty, that it seldom require any additional beautification !!!

Thank you
Loads of love and respect !!!
Beparvah !!!


42 thoughts on “Three + Two Is Equal To Five !!!”

    1. Thank you so much… 🙂
      Never thought that I would be able to do anything in this field … You are absolutely right !!
      But I don’t know whether to thank God for this achievement because i have been paying a huge price everyday !!
      Thank you. So much !!!

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  1. Yeah .dt is fine idea to remember ur these flowers she will be with u n forces u to smile by her fragrance.”rahe na rahe hum, mahka karenge ban ke kali
    banke sabaa baage-bafaa me…….

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      1. Dis is my favourite song.o bepetvaah i m now so much tired den i will do conversation in morning.plz do’mind.realy i m so much tired so now going to sleep.u too take a sleepy happy night.good night n sweet dreams.

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  2. Beautiful are these flowers
    Especially the black rose
    I can’t do anything when it comes to nature
    Ask me to write
    Or some art work
    I once killed a cactus by over watering it
    Great post

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    1. Yes they are flowers…
      Even I was also the same as you were… Just learned them after reading n practicing in the last 8 months… Thank you so much appreciating !!


      1. Actually last 8-9 months , I read books a lot on these simultaneously…. so I can only relate to what the books have to say…
        Sorry…. It’s Hindi or Bengali name…. I really don’t know… Sorry for creating more confusion !!

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      2. I thanked you because you took the effort to find out the name and informed me…. It really means a lot:)
        Oh yes… The second one is in my book… Wish I could show it to you but it has been with my neighbor since last few days !


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