Simple Things-Deeper Impact !!!


Many things that I used to talk about when she was with me… Many things that I would talk about  when I was with my friends and every time I am either been called as someone who is over  thinking, someone who is over reacting, at things, often called as a feminist,… Only few people appreciated the way I used to think..& she was one of them…

It’s my humble request to all my friends in WordPress…. Do watch the video and understand people… Believe me, it’s not that difficult.. You don’t need a gift educational qualification to understand… It’s simple.. the only difficulty is that we either cannot afford to be good.. Well, I can understand the difficulty of being good but it’s high time;  please !!!

When I raised questions & my voice sitting in boys hostel, my friends used to crack weird jokes and vulgar pictutes and stuff without  even understanding the sub conscious impacts, I was cornered all along my university days!!

In my relatives wedding, I raised voice in front of 300 people for taking dowry in the name of “ashirwad” and often been criticized of minding at other’s business.. Often been questioned as to how can I restrict the Bride’s family for not giving her material goods … This video might clarify few things !!! It’s not required… You are giving your best, you are giving that priceless life… What else you could give….!!!!!

Avoid and stop smiling at so called wired & vulgar jokes even among friends…. Stop smiling on those stupid ” non veg jokes “; believe me, it doesn’t make you matured or cool..  instead it  nurtures the animal instincts among us do unconsciously !!! Every joke has a meaning… Please understand.

It’s my humble request to watch the video in the above mentioned link.

Loads of love and respect for her


40 thoughts on “Simple Things-Deeper Impact !!!”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. So powerful. I just shared it on Facebook and asked that each parent of a teen or pre-teen boy watch it with them and then start a dialog. As soon as my 13 year old son gets home from school tomorrow he will watch it with me and we will talk about it. We don’t allow stuff like that in our house but they pick it up at school. We got custody of him when he was 8 and I started talking to him about respect and honor. My husband does not disrespect me or trash talk women like some husbands do. They are often careless and do it in front of their children. Shame on them.
    Thank you again.

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating… Am so happy that you have such a sensitive husband. I would love to see things changing in the right direction… so just tried tho trigger the emotions so that people can relate to it with my own examples…
      Thank you once again… It means a lot πŸ™‚

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  2. After I watch it with him and we talk about it I am going to share it on his social media!
    My mother always told me that a young man learns how to treat a woman by watching the way his dad treats his mom and a young woman learns how a man should treat her by watching how dad treats mom. The behavior the father displays in the home is so much more important than a lot of Americans realize. Perhaps more people would work harder to fix marriages instead of throw them away so easily if they could see the long term ramifications of a single parent home. Perhaps more parents would think before speaking as well. I was called a whore in ninth grade because one of the most popular guys in 10th grade asked me out. I was a Virginia. It was jealousy on the part of the girls. We were together almost three years and he was the first and last guy I dated in high school. Being called a whore was torment. This really hit home with me. Incredibly well done video.

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    1. I sincerely appreciate the way you expressed yourself and the personal experience here… And you are very correct when it comes to the relationships like marriage and it’s sustenance…
      Very soon I will be sharing my views on the same issue in my blog… You just hit the right place..
      Hope to get some feedback and support. Thank you.!!

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      1. I am kind of hit or miss right now because of some ongoing medical issues which are causing me to be exhausted all the time. I am on the road to getting them fixed. Will take a few weeks. I really do not want to miss that blog. I am still trying to figure WordPress out. Is there a way you could message me or email me when you post it? I would really like to read it

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  3. this is thought provoking share..In fact it’s one of my visions. And trying hard for a workaround to build a younger generation who understand the pain behind those vulgar jokes.

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    1. Thank you so much….
      After a long thought, I decided to share this with social media… Once I was appreciated by her, I thought it could be shared… An happy that we all are trying hard for it …
      Thank you…
      It means a lot:)

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    1. I am so happy to get such an amount of appreciation… It really means a lot… I get the strength to continue πŸ™‚ I believe she also would appreciate someday !!
      Thank you πŸ™‚

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  4. who is dt girl so much crying n dear lawyer plz help her in her favour.what have u so much symphatic natured.being n doing of ur works is able to awake to society’s eyes.weldone.

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    1. I should admit that the credit should go to my love…. with whom I have discussed a lot on issues like this and those dialogues helped me a lot to understand these issues !!
      Thank you so very much for encouraging…. It really means a lot !!

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