The Love Story Of Tom & Jerry

The expression of love and happiness has no boundaries, no shape, no definition;  it is something which we feel and cherish..

I used to play cricket years back….even played successive tournaments as a part of Cricket Association of Bengal..!!!  However, my kit bag is lying somewhere today…looking at me at times with loads of questions and complaints !!!

A week back, my nephew (11)gave me a gift which is priceless… something which I will cherish all my life… something which recalled my identity…. From nowhere I suddenly got a big reason to value my life… a feeling of being loved.. He gave me a pencil sketch of me playing cricket !!!


This came in the most appropriate time when I am all breaking from inside, fighting everyday tho beat the pain in my heart, looking for the reason of whatever happened to me, thinking of how to correct it. Transforming myself every day because I cannot withdraw the love and warmth for her!!!  Moreover, I have read somewhere that to enrich relationship, we need to make little changes instead of big changes because often big changes demand some suppression of who we truly are!!!

Loads of love & tonnes of wishes is what I will always have for you JERRY. !!!

Tom !!!
( though I used to consider myself only a cat until she made me realize the importance of the name even when it is animals)


39 thoughts on “The Love Story Of Tom & Jerry”

    1. Thank you do much πŸ™‚
      Wish I could return there, but it’s too far away from where I stand being a guest lecturer in law in CU.
      I have learned many things from the game, and still learning many things from people… Often blamed for not being the same charming boy and labeled as a bored book worm !!!

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      1. I know things seem to be far away, but then its all about priorities – you do what gives you joy first πŸ™‚
        Also, I agree life is a big learning journey, try to live and learn without caring for what people say provided you are happy in that state πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment…. It was really a priceless and innocent gift with fill of love… It really brought a smile on my face.. Dreams and passions have changed with time.. Now as a part time lecturer in CU which is something far away from the game… Though I have learned a lot from it…
      Thank you:)

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  1. Oh .yeah.being happy,no one needs a big opportunity.smallest things is enough to be happy.some hours before,i also thought for making a sketch of ur pic tagged on ur blog.why?i do not know.ur nephew r a good guy.say him my love n thanks.

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