Not A Hit Man !!


Another piece from my nephew, my Jerry!! This is what my image has become !!  That’s what he believes in…

Oh god!! .hit man .. Not again!!  I replied him saying only one thing that, it’s really easy to become a hit man… All you need to do is to kill but in the process he is not only killing his opponents but also destroying himself with each and every killing !!

Be a superman!! Believe me, each and everyone has a superman or any man for that matter  πŸ˜‰ which symbolizes goodness…  If you can carry respect and love for others without any reciprocity, the unconditional love and not attraction, if you can carry the three values of compassion for others …then you are superstars!!!

Loads of love and respect !!
Beparvah ..

P.S. Picture is nicely drawn &  I must and congratulate you for this artistic work..  God bless you Jerry:)


30 thoughts on “Not A Hit Man !!”

  1. Hey beparvaah!! U see movie in which one charcter says to a terrorists dt Ghandhi ji neΕ« ek laathi ke bal per poore hindustaan ko aazad karaya tha .tum itni saari bandookon ke bal par chota sa kashmir aazad nahi kara sakye?dt movie is Haider.if u don’nt see then plz try to see dt movie.what a wonderful movie.

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