Sooner Or Later !!!

Being a lawyer and a student of political science, I had a long affair with the term democracy which has a very complex meaning with various thoughts given by jurists and the definitions given by our apex court ( S.C.).. But, the notion of democracy has been raped not once but several times …

So what democracy means in most simplest term ???


Should I need to explain more ???
Res ipsa liquitor…. Things speaks for itself !!!

Another aspect of life is peace… We all need peace… the most valuable asset one can have … But unfortunately, it comes only when we are no more !!


Please be compassionate, spread love because even words, silence or ignorance can kill people ….. You don’t need to have any weapons !!!

Loads of love and respect for her ….
Beparvah !!!


11 thoughts on “Sooner Or Later !!!”

    1. that’s great!!
      am actually a law student and studied pol science a little during my prep.
      but its a great subject like others but certainly opens our mind into reality !! good to know about it !!
      pls tc !


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