Unlearn !!!!

The best way of learning is through questions ‘I presume’. Today,  I would like to share something interesting which will try to focus on the process of unlearning !!!

Desire is the root cause of our existence… We all know that but, can we say that desire is triggered from some basic questions behind our every action ?? That is, when desire arises Karma happens ..  As long as we have the questions which are related to why, where, whom and what in our mind, everything will be fine even if we don’t have the answers !!

The moment when these questions will no longer be with us, we will start walking in the evil directions automatically !!!  Therefore, these  questions and brainstorming is a part of karma… we just need to hold on to them instead of being exhausted!!

Have you ever been neglected or ignored by someone for whom you have immense love??  Well , the reason of being ignored is perhaps our perception.. What we think and perceive is different from reality and we often realize this fact only after we lose them… Whenever we put our attention on a particular thing, person, or anything it begins to expand for which people often are not prepared !!!

Similarly, our existence is not the reason of our being observed, rather, we are observed therefore, we exist !!  When there is an observer,  then and only then there is matter otherwise there are only waves of energy !!!

Thus, the only constant values are love, light, knowledge, and the urge to ask  questions and that  will only come through the process of unlearning !!!!

All I have learned is through the process of true love !! Loads of love and respect for her !!!

Beparvah !!


30 thoughts on “Unlearn !!!!”

  1. We all r puppets in hand of God.our each activities r directed by dt ALMIGHTY POWER.no depression n no confusion or happieness.dts r gift of life given by THEM.ur brloved is too a form of worship d GOD.

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