Being Honest !!!

                     I’ve learned to give,
             not because I’ve too much but
                     because I know the
           feeling of NOT HAVING. I really
               mean it with all my heart!!

   It’s a test of patience when your love is
           going through a ‘phase’. It’ll
  brush off on you, and you will be upset,
         irritated and confused by their
                      mood swings.
  I instead of being harsh and practical
           chose to  show more love
as my relationship will be tested during
             these trivial situations.

Loads and tones of love and respect for her… God bless you !!
Beparvah  !!!


11 thoughts on “Being Honest !!!”

      1. Welcome.i m in hospital so plz explain my dt lines in hindi.i have posted dt ur bloggerSpearfruit today.dt guy will not understand Hindi.lajawaab banda he vo.


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