Perspectives !!

         There were mornings when
    I didn’t want to wake up and there
         were nights when I was all
  alone with her thoughts in my mind
        sleep was a distant dream…   
              Through my foolish
          attempts to distract myself
     from all the pain and tears, I end
            up pushing my life far
                         away !! 

I decided not to run away from this pain
          but to face it, to grow with it.
    Not to go for temporary solutions,
        because, loving someone so
          unconditionally, cannot be
               a problem in itself !!!


            After around eight months
         and twenty one days,one dear
  friend of mine asked me whether I am
      still suffering the pain deep inside
           my heart… I said no in a very
    affirmative tone & said that I have 
                 learned to enjoy it !!!

Loads of love and respect !!
God bless…
Beparvah !!!


16 thoughts on “Perspectives !!”

  1. U r is not temporary things nor time pass thing.only night is d time when we can realize dt immortal love coz night is silent n calm n far from d madding crowd.

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      1. Hey beparvaah !! My fb has not done.i don’t know- why.i m in delhi fortis hospital now.where r u?if u r at delhi,can u meet me?perhaps i do not want to disturb as u like.God bless u.


    1. Thank you so much… At times I question myself, do I deserve to be loved?? Let’s see how this pain can reach to it’s destination …

      Thank you so much for your wishes.. It really means a lot 🙂
      Thank you!


  2. True love means seeing him/her happy, even if you’re not the reason behind it.

    Hey, I would like to personally thank you for finding my little blog. I thought it was buried deep in the blogosphere since I haven’t posted anything for a while now. Looking forward to reading all your posts. 🙂

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    1. you are absolutely correct
      true love is like that only, thus i always keep her in mind while praying for her health and success all the time.. although i may not exist at all !!!

      it’s my pleasure to read your posts ..:)
      lkig forward to read more from you and learn from you >>
      pls tc 🙂

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