I Love You !!

I love you,
though I know, that I’m reduced to a name, I am just another
Tears have no value ; love is something that is to be found in the
dictionary of fools,
The space have increased so much
that I could not even
put across the pain I’m in, suddenly I am left all alone.
But, I know one day would come when
you will understand that
someone loved you selflessly, even in this material world …
May be I’m reduced to a topic to be discussed among friends,
Though, I thought I would be something
more than that !!!
Tears have been accumulated for the past nine months and now
it has become so heavy that I’m failing to keep my eyes open …..


It’s never too late,
I know that something is pulling you from behind, but if god exist,
he will give you the strength somedayย  to understand and appreciate how much I loved you ….
May be I will not be there to
witness that but I will watch you from the stars and galaxies with an
equal amount of love and respect
and plead to god for yet another life so that I can love you again !!!

Loads of love !!


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