A Walk Through The Graveyard !!

She wanted to visitย  the cemetery once, may be she wanted to learn something about life and its eternal values and its intricacies. She believed in life after death…. She was very different from others.. which makes her so special !!

I really wanted to go with her but never put across this wish of mine because I thought it might sound awkward. But after a long time since I had this talk with her, I still remembered this with the same amount of excitement !!!

With this belief that something must be there in places like these which might have attracted her mind, I went to an old graveyard a month back all alone though throughout the journey I felt her her all along !!

The following are some of the pictutes that I clicked …




These are just some of them which I was able to capture without the flash ..
With time, darkness settled all around me … I was scared, so I started talking to myself  believing that she might be listening to me, and kept moving on to some places near the graveyard with my camera.

The following pictures would be little more scary but I enjoyed clicking them all for more than an hour..




In the last picture, I would like to make an humble request to have a look and focus on the eyes that was glaring that evening from the top floor …. I really don’t know what that animal was ….

It was a thrilling experience I had. The values of life can only be understood if you feel the darker side of the nature..
I enjoyed the sound of silence. There were many situations where I felt that I should go back…

Many things I learned and many questions came into my mind which I will write on my next blog…

With loads of love and respect!!
Beparvah !!!


31 thoughts on “A Walk Through The Graveyard !!

  1. From ancient times,human’s habit has been knwon about d life or situation after death.in our reliegous thoughts beleives in rebirth.so i like to walk at tomb or graveyard.i feel there all souls talk together at night time.r my thoughts right.my last will is to be a wandering soul.may be i live nearer my all beloveds n can look after them forever.

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  2. Woah! Must have been a a scary experience! Im so scared of ghosts๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ these pictures are spooky๐Ÿ˜…
    But well,it would have been exciting too.I’d contemplate on visiting a graveyard too.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • thank you so much..
      honestly i believe that when poeple love themselelves then the fear captures their heartand mind..
      i seriously have nothing to lose apart from my dad and sister.. so just took that risk.. it was amazingly quiet and i felt secure than the world outside !!


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