The Real Big Task !!!

In the last two decades or so, in our country, India, I have seen that the institution of marriage has been questioned by many because of the rate of divorces.

They have increased to a large extent. Unfortunately, it’s the love marriage in particular that had failed miserably. However, people believe to be in love but this simple one word has proved to be very difficult for the couple to maintain its eternal essence.

It is very tragic…It certainly have a grave impact on the social fabric and also in their personal relationship.


Thus, this question is very much pertinent as to how to find the right partner !!

Why are only few people are truly happy even after a long relationship? This question I asked to myself and to find the solution I read the book called ” Men are from mars and women are from Venus” by John Gray, just to appreciate the imperfections, and differences between the two sexes.

In the book he discussed as to how love and attraction works from the past and present however, he is silent about the future.. The solution to issue pertaining to the future of love… Well I think it is to open up yourself and remove your mask !!!

Open up your ears, open your eyes, your heart and open your mind…..Very often people don’t get their right partner but they don’t want to fail in their relationship so they keep on struggling and motivating themselves..

Imagine, if people would know how to find their right partner then perhaps the divorce rate can be reduced !!! Opposite to what we witness today…

What would a world look like if a child doesn’t grow up suffering the pain of the daily fights between his mom and dad.. & what if the child did not have to suffer the pain of his parent’s divorce? What would this world look like if a child grows up and sees his mom and dad holding hands and love each other all through their lives ??

Just be conscious of how love works because it doesn’t work of mysterious rules and ways. There are the main component of true love – biological, chemical and its mental. ( just an attempt of mine to express my views on this)

Men and women..; they fit together well. only works at first sight. When we all in love with the wrong person we are blind to it.. When the biological & chemical factory on our head makes us behave which we are not, so we start off wearing a mask, we walk different, talk different,act different and creates false expectations … So we fall in love with someone which they are not and vice versa…

When a man wants to touch a woman, her needs to touch her heart and when a woman wants to touch a man’s heart, she needs to touch him….

What is required is this … show your real face to them,  they will show you their real face too, open up your heart they will open up their heart too.

I tried this, though I failed miserably… but still I hope that in the times to come ,she will understand what she means to me and what I mean to her !!!


Miss you a lot … Loads of love and wishes from deep inside my heart..
God bless you !!!!
Beparvah !!!


14 thoughts on “The Real Big Task !!!”

  1. Yeah..for marriege,everyone need to open eyes,faces n marriege is mostly becoming fail coz two both do not know real meaning of is affected by movies,realism n following d westren culture.m i right?

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  2. Beautiful post😊
    When a man wants to touch a woman, he needs to touch her heart and when a woman wants to touch a man’s heart, she needs to touch him….-accurate!
    You seem to be deeply in love with someone who does not reciprocate…But that’s the glory of love,i guess…It is selfless,it expects nothing in return…I can relate to your emotions.
    Im so happy to see that such love exists and u miss her,stay blessed boy.😊

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    1. thank you so much
      it exist but often i found to be cornered even by my friends because of being so platonic truely, it is a blessing to be in selfless love but difficut to maintain but with the grace of god and my mother’s blessing straight from the stars have actually helped me to enjoy the pain ..
      Moving out from social media was the only way and entering into the blogging world was a blessing.. thank you for your supportive really means a lot to me.. !!
      thank you so very much !!

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