How It All Started !!!

27 thoughts on “How It All Started !!!”

    1. I wish I had traveled in Duronto.. I could have saved a lot of money 😉 , because despite of traveling in Rajdhani, It was late by 2 hours and 3 and half hours late (both the time)….
      Thank you for appreciating the poem and handwriting !! It really means a lot..

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  1. The observation about the parallel lines was awesome 🙂
    I hope your interview went great. Wish you all the best for the results 🙂
    Also, those pictures were really good, especially the one with the watch 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much… It’s great to be complemented from a person who herself carries the pain for photography 🙂

      Interview was okay.. Can’t predict anything but had a life time experience! Will shortly post the questions that I could remember from the board

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