My Transcript !!

69 thoughts on “My Transcript !!”

  1. How much intresting dt interview.hope-u enjoyed very much.what is d name of dt lady who was questioned about ur blog?what is d result of dt interview?do u know?,i hope dt all will be best in favour u.god bless u .

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    1. Than you so very much…. It really means a lot to me, this is my second nomination from you and it gives me the pleasure that I am able to keep my writings even today as I used to write..

      Thank you so very much 🙂
      I will be writing about it soon… My medical is going on now..

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  2. Some of them were very tricky. And seeing the number of questions, only a person with a cool head can pass this.
    The thing with dropping the cheque was weird, unless one knows what comprises criminal misappropriation of funds.
    What did you answer to this?

    Again, best wishes for the results 🙂
    Have a great weekend

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  3. It was not a criminal Misappropriation of property and being a law graduate I was clear with the ingredients of this crime, but certainly not prepared by the way they asked me this question… I answered though I took few seconds to collect my thoughts on this question. Kept my cool was the only weapon that I was carrying….
    Thank you so very much for the wishes.. Surely, it means a lot to me .. Than you once again..

    Tc and god bless you 🙂


  4. Must have been a pretty good experience. People bombarding you with questions and you using the shield of your cool to deflect whatever you could. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for the follow on my blog. Happy blogging and God bless. 🙂

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  5. I have never faced such type of interview even when I was selected as an Officer in a Bank much much before you were born . I bet you will be selected . Being a Banker for 35 years , I don’t know how it was misappropriation of funds of you pick a cheque and deliver it to sone one . Misappropriation occurs when you credit proceeds of A , in the account of B , without telling A & C to Z . Wish you could read my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara available on Notion Press @ Rs 200 & after reading my Book & reviewing it , you bombard me with similar set of questions . #amwriting .

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    1. I will certrainly read your book once am complete with this entire process of selecton..

      Certainly it was not a criminal misappropriation of fund and being a law graduate i handled it well backed by the appropriate section of IPC along with a case !!

      Yes it was a difficult interview to handle and when it is about 40 mins or so.. Union civil services interview are of similar nature. I was anticipating something like this though I was nervous before them ..

      Thank you so much for your blessings. It means a lot especially from elders .

      Thank you once again !!

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      1. Do message when your result declared . And do tell when you read my Book . In mean time suggest my Book to your friends& some libraries of school , college where you studied in writing .

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    1. Thank you so much !
      Yes, i have given the interview this year . it was my first attempt, though I am thinking of preparing for this year too !!

      Civil services exam was the one whcih i had a dream for, as you have the dream to become an IFS officer.. but trust me, today all these things have been losing its values…!!


      1. Yes, it seems they’ve lost the real value. I know a lot of people who gave the exam not for bringing a change in the system but for the perks that come with it. But atleast there’re some who’re sincere enough.

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      2. no am actually talking about the the situatons when you are all alone and no one to celebrate your success with then such success has no value..
        the emotional turmoil I am in now..such success has actually no value and if you look through a bigger perspective ..such material gains will not going to make me satisfy when i will be on my death bed all alone left with some memories !!

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      3. You know, sometimes celebrating something with your inner self is the best thing! Might seem like philosophy, but it’s just from my experience.
        And at some points in our life we’ll feel alone, but trust me, it won’t last long. You never know what life has in stock for you 😉 .

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      4. no , I am a believer of spirituality and innerself has all the answers but i guess the tears have created a deadlock.. hopefully it will reach soon 🙂 thank you , thank you so much once again!!

        I sincerely want this that is whatever you said , turned out to be correct!!


      5. and as far as serious asp[irants are concerned.. ther are certainly !! i am nowhere to comment on that.. even you are a serious candidate i presume !!


  6. chandrajit,
    I am here after I read your post on the results.. so…

    And I really wonder how you could handle the situation so cool and with a smile, that too for 45 minutes.. and with many questions around you..

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      1. no.. no.. you’s called for right..?
        so please apply… you will…pleaseee..
        don’t give up…don’t get bothered about the after effects…please try..let you win or lose.. give it to God.. Let us do our part.. that’s what your mother wishes.. So for please apply..

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