Where The Fault Lies – Part I !!

     True love can compete with any
other love in this world.. I know this, as
    my love for her, who picked me up from the dust and made me realize the
     importance of a family, is on the same lines. I am ready to give her the
       time, space, experience and all
   other things so that I can overcome
the fear of losing something because I
          will be left with nothing!!

I have understood that eternal life is
       always coupled with love
All I need to live for another day with
     her by my side & experience
the eternity, honesty, because living is
    only possible with loving and not

Can I get that one day when I can sit
    holding her hands and looking
at the open sky and feel the enormous
    jet of winds.. I believe these few moments will justify my existence, as
    this will give me strength to keep
      going and make her proud by accomplishing all the challenges which
      I once promised to her at our
  random discussions at the bus stop
             and at the coffee shop!!


Whenever I think of my love, my eyes
     well up in tears of joy and the
pain of being away from her… No one
     can force herself to love nor can
she force me not to love… All you can
    do is to look at love, fall in love
                        with love!!!

   Life is not a long vacation but a constant learning process and if my
   friends believe that my being
submissive to my love is what makes
    me less respectful then I can
say that my ego cannot defeat my love.

However, I would love to prove them
   wrong which they are aware of!!
  But at the same time, it’s true that
in the choice between self respect and
love, I choose the latter one because
for me, my love for her is above all….

   But one thing will remain forever marked on the soul of the universe: my
   love. In spite of my mistakes, my decisions that caused her to suffer and
  the moments when I thought it didn’t

Our body is made up of 70% water.. So
    almost entirely our body is made
up of water, through which electrical
  discharges pass, communicating
    information. One such piece of information is called love, and it can
   interfere with the entire organism..

  This is what exactly happened to me.
     Life for me is not about chasing
    something material, but to feel the
    eternity factor which I found in her
presence… I miss her every moment!!

       I roam aimlessly in the busy
streets of Kolkata, a moment I would
    soon be reminded by the traffic
                    police men…

   To express my feeling has become necessary for my own good because it
    hurts really bad when someone
repress the feelings which are true to
   the best of his ability & knowledge
But, at the same time, the fear of being
     left out all alone followed by the
destruction of the relation that grew in
    the last 6 months was at stake!!

Then I realized that what is contagious
    is fear, the constant fear of never
finding someone to accompany us to
    the end of our days. And in the
name of fear we are capable of doing
   anything, including accepting the
wrong person and convincing ourselves
     that he/ she is the only one, who
God has placed on our path. In very
   little time the search for security
turns into a heartfelt love, and things
   become less bitter and difficult !!
In my twenty five years of age, I have
    never experienced this magic
before.. In have never thought that I
    would in love and to this extent.
God knows this and perhaps that’s why
            he played his game !!!!

With loads of love and respect for her!!

PS . Posting this third blog post today and two more to come because perhaps for the next few days I would not be able to write…


10 thoughts on “Where The Fault Lies – Part I !!”

  1. Yeah.eternal life is coupled forever.life is as journy for constant learning.ur quoto about God is admirable .pray for u dt god may fulfile ur every wishes n promises belonged with ur life n love.bless u.


      1. I have not yet learned that how tho move on.. May be time will make me realize… Had I been a little note practical, things wouldn’t have been so much difficult… I just want tho give respect to my tears that are on its flow since 13 months…

        I know you are absolutely correct… Moving on is the only option people have in situations like this, but you know, I strongly believe that one day she would understand that she was not correct with the way she abandoned me…

        I really want to thank you for your support….. It means everything, I will treasure this rest if my life. .. It was needed indeed !! 🙂 🙂


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