Where The Fault Lies – Part I !!

10 thoughts on “Where The Fault Lies – Part I !!”

  1. Yeah.eternal life is coupled forever.life is as journy for constant learning.ur quoto about God is admirable .pray for u dt god may fulfile ur every wishes n promises belonged with ur life n love.bless u.


      1. I have not yet learned that how tho move on.. May be time will make me realize… Had I been a little note practical, things wouldn’t have been so much difficult… I just want tho give respect to my tears that are on its flow since 13 months…

        I know you are absolutely correct… Moving on is the only option people have in situations like this, but you know, I strongly believe that one day she would understand that she was not correct with the way she abandoned me…

        I really want to thank you for your support….. It means everything, I will treasure this rest if my life. .. It was needed indeed !! 🙂 🙂


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