Context Is What Matters The Most!!

Firstly, I am very happy to be back on WordPress after a month, although I know that this is not that long period but when you have many things to say, complex thoughts & emotions to share, and still you are forced not to come out with it,  makes a huge difference.. It actually adds a day extra with every passing hour!!

Secondly, am extremely happy to say that in the last 7- 8 days my readers list have increased from 189- 335 plus which I believe is the sheer expression of love and support that I have received.

To be honest, I have never thought that being a new comer in this world of blogging where many beautiful, & experienced bloggers are there, I would be accepted in such a way especially when my blog posts are more or less restricted to love, emotions and stuff which are gradually & unfortunately losing its hold in our mind, heart, and society !!


Today’s post is related to something that I have learned in the last 8 to 9  months.

It’s about  ” CONTEXT ” that matters always!! We all know that, in our lives there are many decisions we take, some makes us happy and some leads to disgust!!  But it’s always about choices ..  It’s all about opportunity but which will be the last one is a million dollar question!!

If someone wants to be a friend with someone then the context would be certainly important as to why this is going on.

But we are programmed in such a way that we often look for a reasons behind everything than the context .. We have become intelligent living beings and believe in hiding our emotions and fear in the veil of pragmatism…

If a person is helping someone out, we  ask the first question to ourselves as to why this person is helping someone, what is the intension, what he wants in return of this!!! And more painful job is when the person who helped without any expectation or reciprocity, has to justify his act of helping 🙂

This state of negative consciousness is a result of the terrible experiences of hatred and betrayals that people have faced in the past.. But what is wrong is that, we are becoming the same person whom we detest and hate the most in this process!! I just refused to go through this process !!

This give and take relationship in every relation is what I hated since the day I was allowed to take my own decisions..

Life is not a balance sheet where we can actually classify our deeds and emotions into two parts..

One , which has given us back something from others in return ; and second, those which has turned out to be a loss, as in there is no reciprocity by the other party in return to our efforts.. I do not maintain such account!!  🙂


Look at this picture. Can anyone guess that whether the picture of this tree is invert or not ??

It is difficult, why? It’s because I have not displayed the ground or sky in the background that is the context….and let it open for interpretation..

Unfortunately, there are people who are not interested in taking into consideration about the backdrop and just wanna come to the point so that time and energy can be saved or may be some other reason, but the moment we try to avoid the context its beauty starts to fade !!!

I loved someone and there is no such reason that would justify my feeling per se..but as I said, it is not expected these days and hence I got rejected !!

I have been rejected, but I am still in love…. I think that’s my optive for going on in life with this feeling of love for someone … That’s my definition of   “moving on

Many would find it strange and stupid,  but that’s what the dawn taught me after my devastating loss… I know my love is getting artistically so subtle that even science will fail to capture..


But I believe that life is all about connecting the dots, the missing links.. It is very difficult to connect them while looking forward but so easy at the same time when look backward!!

My love and emotions were doubted and faced the same crisis which the picture of this tree is facing now. It did not possessed the context and hence open to criticism and rejection without any reason..

This believe that, some day these dots will be connected; someday down the road, these gaps will make sense, gives me the confidence to follow my heart even though when it is leading me off the track now.

This will make all the difference in the years to come. I cannot change my self, I cannot become like the ones who are in the race of diplomacy !! I will pray for her success and health throughout my life and that would be the last expression of my foolishness 🙂

“It’s not over, keep looking for the right time, don’t settle down onto something where my heart doesn’t dwell.. I believe that we are already naked .. So there is no reason not to follow our  heart !! “

Love and respect !
Beparvah !!

PS. The last paragraph is what I have learned. Be it in the field of work, relationships and so on.. It will help I presume !!

Will be coming up with a two quotation challenges very soon..  Though I consider them as an opportunity and my sincere thanks to them 🙂

And finally, I would soon express my gratitude to the award nominations I have pending…

Thank you so much for the love and support:)


96 thoughts on “Context Is What Matters The Most!!”

    1. This is really very kind of you … Trust me, I have never been into writing fictions …. This opportunity to write and sharing in Wp was an accident, a deliberate one though, so that I can express my emotions which I was carrying for the last 9-10 months !!
      I would always be indebted to my inspiration who introduced me in the world of blogging …
      Am glad that you liked it.. It really means a lot to me & I mean it !!
      Just tc !

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    1. Thank you so much..:)
      Am really happy that you liked it,
      Yes you have hit chord!! The idea odd this post was to spread the actual value of unconditional love, to value relations more than the material need, tho have a balance actually between being cautious and negatively cautious!!
      Don’t look for reasons…. I believe once the time will pass we will be left with regrets of not giving the dues tho someone who have given their unconditional love to us !!
      Thank you so much once again for reading !!
      Just tc:)

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      1. Thank you:)

        Such welcomes actually brought tears into my eyes.. Such wonderful people are there around me.. Only one regret that I met you aaj after 25 years of my life and thanks to my inspiration, that she finally connected this link with you all:)
        Thank you once again. .
        Just tc 🙂

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    1. You are correct sir,
      But this is not I meant..
      I guess I have made some mistake which had mislead you..
      But am glad you read it and shared your comment 🙂
      It is more than enough , thank you!


    1. Awe …I’m extremely glad that you liked it and happy for your comment.. It means everything 🙂
      Am equally happy to have you as a friend in Wp:)
      Thank you for being there!!
      Just tc 🙂

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    1. yes..
      thank you.. am actually feeling great
      plus the difinition of my “moving on” feels me very happy that i will reamin with something that is close to my heart and walk ahead with my work !!
      thank you , once again 🙂
      pls tc ..happy blogging!!

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      1. I don’t know what this means, but seems that something is wrong with my words… An sorry.. If at all it irked you !
        Just keep smiling n tc:)


      2. Oops !
        🙂 🙂
        Okay .. Keep smiling always..
        And I would love to read more…
        And thank you for your lovely comment. I honestly associate your words 🙂 🙂


  1. Welcome home, brother! 😀 Now it’s my time to take a break from WordPress & I hope I can be back with a bang like you 😛 I am most happy that you learnt things the hard way and your definition of “moving on” was perfecto! 😉

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    1. Thank you so much brother, ! Nice hair cut, I made the same attempt 🙂
      An glad you liked this post and my definition of moving on… Yes an feeling really happy that I an still carrying some feeling, and an sure life will not be that unfortunate with her presence :)!!
      You pls tc. And keep sharing such wonderful posts and videos!!


  2. Communication is something we learn as children. All of our emotions are shaped by social acceptance or lack there of, whether it be from family, friends, or society. Expression is a gift of release. It is great that you found yourself able to release with other people of like mind. The backdrop of life is always important because without the back drop, we must interpret based off of our own experience. For some this is a very scary thing because to think without a path is scary. What if they are wrong? what if they are cynical? A person’s attitude affects their interpretation. I interpreted the tree in this way: “whichever way you go, you grow, whether into the dirt or the sky…the journey is your choice”.

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    1. you bang on the target ..the sole purpose behind this post..i am glad that my purpose is served .. hope you liked it 🙂 context is important, backdrop is essential because everyone has a story to tell which the other person have no clue at all !!
      thank you 🙂

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  3. A note. many thanks for visiting my post and showing interest. Just to say, I started reading some of your posts last night, but it was all too late, and i had to switch off. I fully intent to revisit and leave my comments and thought. many replies and post i need to complete. for all these good people deserve that. Thank you once more, you are on my mind, and shall make more time tomorrow….i have ran out of it today.

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    1. firstly, its all my pleasure to read your posts.. and secondly thank you for ths sincere effort to write a note..
      loads of respect and wishes !! .. there is absolutely no hurry, take your time ..
      thank you and stay safe


  4. Actually ‘Beparvah’ suits what you write.It all comes right from the heart,right? The most nonchalant of people who love and live life are the most creative ones.You’re sure to be one of them. 🙂

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    1. An so glad that you got it absolutely correct … The name of beparvah was a week thought one.. as I said..
      I am really really happy that you liked it and understood the pain and my character to an extent ! 🙂 🙂

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  5. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Found it highly evocative and a brilliant illustration of thought -particularly liked your example of the tree to convey the idea. And you left it open ‘to interpretation….’. A nice touch. A person context is their back drop and its consideration would provide a deeper understanding, should they, or even ‘want’ to look. Your illustration showed the context missing because you hadn’t placed it there. Different to the instance of your piece, the context was obscured in the perception of another, and distorted (e.g expectation/suspicion, doubt/obscurity). A mirror. (two way, perhaps?), becoming those we hate – scary idea. It is true that we misinterpret context almost all of the time.
    P.s, great feedback too. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so very much…
      You both the “Target ”
      An glad and extremely happy that I could put across my thought to you ..
      Yes context, backdrop is essential before we come to any conclusion… But often we trapped in the search of reasons and end up with mere suspicion… The trust, and love is absolutely fading which prompted me to come up with this one !!

      Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me 🙂

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      1. That’s why I posted, because I have seen people who have judge without context…
        I an happy that I could put across to what I wanted to say 🙂
        Your comment is very valuable..
        Thank you so much 🙂
        Both people and context should not be ignored until it’s too late:)

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  6. Really good to see your post after so long. I can see you have done a complete make over to your layout, are you planning to do the same with your life as well or am I reading too much :). I like this change only that colours are too bright , would have preferred lighter shades. Welcome back 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, for your inspiring comment sir, I am trying to be strong and make my love as my strength and not as my weakness.. I think that’s the meaning of moving on, for me.. That’s perhaps a change,:)
      Thank you so much 🙂

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      1. Its great to read this cmt. Making your love your strength is the best and the smartest thing to do…It gives remote control of your life to your hand irrespective of the response received from your love 🙂

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      2. Yes having no expectation is the best thing to do , it works not just in case of love matter but also many other life matters 🙂

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  7. First, I need to thank you for “finding” and “following” me….secondly, thank you for sharing this wonderful post!!!! It is just my kind of read….it is deep, relatable, relational, and explores the nuances of emotion and context/the ‘bigger picture’. How wise you are….and, what a wonderful heart and mind you have….I look forward to reading more of your posts later today. Right now, I need to get back to the post I am writing (I have to answer when creativity calls)….but, in one part of it, I speak to “chasing someone to give them a gift”….it relates to what you have to say about an increase in cynicism and mistrust….thanks for sharing…and thank you for reading–and letting me know you “like” my posts….it is hugely flattering and appreciated! 🙂

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  8. Talking of :

    “… that in the last 7- 8 days my readers list have increased from 189- 335 plus which I believe is the sheer expression of love and support that I have received”.

    Simply Great !!

    Let me also remind :

    Every muffler may not have a Kejriwal inside
    Every “follow” may not have a…reader inside !!

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  9. The more we love, the more we burn. The more a love the more we learn. 😐 I’m a hopeless romatic, and that used to get me in trouble I spent many years guarding my heart because of it. I’m pretty sure I still do. Your lad paragraph spoke to me. “FOLLOW your heart’s because one chance is all you got.” If I’m wrong let me know but I felt connected to you while reason this because I could relate. 😊


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