One Lovely Blog Award 2016 Along With One Note From My Diary !!

I have been nominated by a Beautiful blogger and due to my poor sensitivity I could not respond to it. I am very late in expressing my gratitude to this blogger friend of mine “Phoenix…09”.. My sincere apology !!

A humble request… Don’t miss this chance and just visit this blog because it’s really not affordable to miss it πŸ™‚


Thanks a lot for nominating me for this beautiful award. It surely means a lot to me. In fact every single award is as special as my first award was which I still remember..

I would like to add one note for this honour of this wonderful blogger:-


Now for some formalities…:mrgreen:

I have to fulfill a few conditions according to the specifications of this award.

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.Β 

List the rules and display the award.Β 

Add 7 facts about yourself.Β 

Nominate 15 other bloggers and..( this is really a tough one)

Leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Here we go ahead with 7 facts about me:

o1. I believe that my worth of living lies in the fact that how much I contribute to the every smiles that children carry.. It gives me a great satisfaction..

o2. I am a realist but I keep this away when I’m into something that requires my heart to think and feel..

o3. I love spending time with my loved ones, especially my family and friends
( though very few )..

o4. I am a musician too, can play guitar and drums after a formal training for 9 years and playedΒ  and performed in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and also in Doordarshan radio,!!

o5. I love sports and especially swimming and cricket however just got a state level swimming certificate and cricket, …ummmm. Yeah I played for CAB ( Cricket Association of Bengal) way back in 2000 for 6 years..

o6. I am not a writer, especially when it comes to write fiction and all.. I am a blogger by chance.. Thanks to my unconditional and unrequited love and the sheer undying pain made me write everyday and to read every week one novel … My thanks to her:)

o7. I am very sensitive, though my friends and teachers in university used to call me. “Chanakya”.. But the fact remains that I am closely attached toΒ  people whom I love the most and I do feel scared every time of losing them πŸ™‚

So that was all about me.

Now the next step is to nominate another 15 bloggers for this award. This has never been my cup of tea…

I simply cannot go on selecting 15 pearls out of a vast ocean of pearls… ItΒ  becomes hard to mention their names.
All of them are so talented that everyone should visit their blogs atleast once to understand their huge possession of imaginative power and literary sense!! I learn from them every day.. πŸ™‚

Thus, I would like this to be an open participation and I would like to nominate every one who come across this post of mine …. I will be deeply honoured of this happens… Again I amΒ  sorry that I broke the rules but it was imperative:) !!

Loads of love and respect..
Beparvah !!


40 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award 2016 Along With One Note From My Diary !!

Add yours

      1. YouΒ΄re most welcome πŸ™‚
        And my apologies, I should comment often. I like your writing and your topics, but IΒ΄m always late or I felt like it, and most of the times I find myself struggling to write a meaninful comment. Eventually, I donΒ΄t comment most of the times :/
        Love and light, my friend


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