I Believe What You believe !!

Blogosphere, it’s a great place and I am extremely happy every time I enter this world with my thoughts and feelings.. & every time I remember someone for whom I have actually started blogging!!

We all came here for the same reason isn’t it? Every single one of us, because we share same values, similar kind of feelings and beliefs and perhaps that’s the reason we showed up every time, support each other when someone is in need… 

We don’t know each other but we certainly know something about each other.. This is what exactly I was thinking about.. It is important because the very survival of the human race depends on our ability to surrounded by people who believes what we believe!! And when we are surrounded by people who believes what we believe something happens, something very remarkable.. Trust emerges..

This is exactly what happened with me when I met her, and I think it was her believe that made me believe that I can be someone from no one !! I trusted her because trust is a feeling, a sheer and distinct human experience.. Make no mistake… I’m not talking about being reliable!!

There are person whom we rely because they keep their promises but certainly we may not trust them instead we trust some of our friends who are completely screwed up in their lives !!
Is isn’t is strange!!

When I met her, something remarkable happened.. I started blogging, reading fiction almost, four books in a month,  I think I was made to grow up.. Her presence helped me to take risk, gave me confidence to experiment and explore because I knew that she is there to watch out back, and help when I will fall over..  

This reminds me to ask one question to all of you !!
What is the most valuable possession in our life..??
For me it’s the relationships .. but I often feel the pain when I see people who are pre occupied with someone’s resume, background, religion, etc etc.. yet they never consider what the other person believes, how can they trust them and how can they trust him. ..

But the single biggest challenge in life came in between.. and that is our own success.. With the growth, what we lose is the trust, we no longer rely on ourselves and our character … and we hire someone who takes all the imp. decision in good faith.. They may be our mentors, our friends, family….

I realized it when people came in between to sort out issues with all good intention but I miss the ground of being together at the first place.. It generated sheer pain… It’s a situation where stress increases and passion falls!!!

We often hear lines such as ” I don’t feel it any more, or it doesn’t feel the same as it used to be ” etc…
Can’t we solve our issues with love and care, can’t we resolve it by ourselves by putting our ego away, … Life will not come back and we would be left with only one option and that is compromise for the rest of our lives..

Well I decided to wait for her instead of making a compromise in my life, rest is up to almighty !!


This note is also from my diary and as usual I am posting it along with this post to bring an end to it otherwise I would continue to write lines after lines which may bore you all !!

My love and best wishes for all 🙂 Hopefully this post will help to clear a little bit of the moist over our lives and  relationships!!

Loads of love and respect 🙂
Beparvah !!


28 thoughts on “I Believe What You believe !!”

      1. Well I used to hide my name behind this veil called beparvah.. But the purpose is finished now, so.. My name is Chandrajit !
        What is yours if I may ask?


  1. compromise at its best. Compromise can only happen if both parties are willing to engage otherwise like you say you end up compromising your whole life to someone who doesn’t have the same out look as you. There is no bitterness and that is what I love. You go on with your life and leave a small door open for your friend to reach out 🙂 lovely post 🙂

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    1. Exactly , the bondages between you and your dogs.. That’s also a kind of relation which is most precious possession if I may allowed to say that !!
      My intention is to distinguish between luxury and necessity..
      Thank you:)/


  2. Hey there! I am very pleased to tell you that I have nominated you for the 2016 Liebster award! It’s an award given to bloggers like you, who post amazing content, to gain recognition and bond with their blogging community. Here is a link if you would like to see what I have written on my post:
    Best wishes to you! I really hope you take this opportunity to strive in the blogging world. Please let me know if you accept this award, I will be looking forward for your post 🙂

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