Dreams Are The Reflection Of Reality That Is About To Happen!!

Hello everyone!!
Thank you so much for your love and support for someone who despite  having no experience about writing fictions, and penning down emotions, goes on writing without any fear… Thank you for creating this comfort zone !!

Today I would like to talk about a scene which I have been witnessing every night when I am asleep!!  A scene where I find myself to be completely different from what I’m when I am in my senses and I believe that every one of us might have seen themselves in their dreams in a different way altogether 🙂

But what I see every night is not something different what I used to see few months ago… Meaning there by, I am perhaps in the clutches of my past ..

I believe there are people who always keep space in their heart for new things in life and there are people who keep their heart  with full of memories and live their lives… I presume, I belong to the second group at least when it comes to love and relationship!!

Well, without going into it further I would like to bring all your attention to the pictutes below; all were from my diary and completely unedited… !! 


In the above page, I have attempted to highlight what I am about to express before you all..& that’s about truth. If at all my handwriting is bothering anyone to read then pls do let me know … 🙂


This long unending path is like a tunnel and I am in search of the other side of it so that I can get out of the darkness but it’s getting difficult with every passing moment !!!


Things can be so unpredictable you see, the moment I was getting used to run all alone in the dark, something happened and things started changing.. Trust me, it becomes so difficult to handle happiness for a person who had been traveling all through his life in the dark!!


This is certainly not the end, it’s just a lesson that I got. I learned that if I believe in something, give my heart & soul in it, with my full honesty and loyalty then I will succeed to come out of any darkness, no matter how dark it is..

Hence, I chose to wait because I just can’t think of anything without that support…  I am not at all ashamed of accepting this fact that I am not complete without her support not only because I have become weak but also I’m tired of walking all alone I the darkness…!!

My idea here is to make one point that darkness is always followed by light and the cycle goes on… So none of us should think of giving up instead wait for the right person, right light, right love who will sail you through all the tough times,  but just don’t move away…

” Believe you can and you’ re half way there ” – Theodore Roosevelt

Loads of love and respect for her


54 thoughts on “Dreams Are The Reflection Of Reality That Is About To Happen!!”

      1. Yes. I know…
        Once I an discharged, I will be understanding more about love ..
        And I feel blessed that I walked on the past of unconditional love 🙂
        Thank you 🙂

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  1. Had it been fiction I would have hugely been happy but alas it is not….. I would try to interpret your dream even if there is possibility of being totally off the mark but attempt i will…

    The fact that you are running away may mean at subconsciously level that you are NOT prepared to face the harsh reality…And since you are not ready to accept the reality, moving on has become impossible…

    Do one thing, go and meet your love face to face, talk to her with cool mind and warm heart, express your pent up feelings (Probably tell her to go through all your blog posts if she does not do so already…wait for her answer even if she takes few days to reply..Once she replies ACCEPT whatever she says. If unfortunately its in negative then just move forward without regrets.

    Come on…think of your mother, would she have been happy to see you in such uncertain state ? Isnt she as important as your love ? Think calmly about what i have said.

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    1. Time will come soon when it will become a fiction and there would people who will criticize me, crucify me and another lot of people would praise me… would understand the price paid in this sacrifice though completely unrequited …

      I know exactly what you are taking about sir… But feeling this pain & writing it down with all my honesty is the only way for my survival…

      I refuse to be logical at times… Don’t know why and how I act so foolish and in a selfish way..

      But I liked your comment and appreciate the concerns therein..
      Thank you so much..it really means a lot 🙂

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      1. No! Mine is not good. That’s the problem with me. the teachers say that my handwriting is not good. I’m trying to improve. It has improved a lot, though. In a good way!

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  2. sounds very interesting the meeting of the self by the self, and there’s the self’s point of view – I have to return to finish reading because of time constraints, I had to stop. Sounding very fascinating.

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  3. dreams are peculiar and fascinating at the same time. what i got from this was the unconditional love and light…. the revelations of what’s to come, so the path is clear.

    I read that your blog was constructed for the prurpose of outpouring your emotions about a love that is unattainable. This dream points to unconditional love, that of your mother.

    I am asking, in your intro’, are you speaking about romantic, or as is been shown in this post?

    i feel offended by the below man – his mesage is so odd in its coldness and inability to handle raw emotions. Ps posted in error in your reply sectionthe message intended to him; s.thng i don’t normaly do(well, it depends on the mood).

    Vamagandhi MAY 5, 2016 — 7:29 PM)
    “Move on!”)

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    1. In this I wanted to express a situation where after losing my mom and friends… I was completely in shambles .. Then one angel came, helped me out and I felt something that I never felt before, then after a time she also left me abandoned without being giving a single reason.. I was made to understood that, everything doesn’t have a reason..

      I know .. It’s very evident the way you wrote.. Thank you.. He lost his calmness after reading my nonsense everyday since last 5-6 months.. I apologized to him in my reply .
      🙂 🙂
      I know it’s difficult to understand the situation…. But what I am going through now, I hope to d that none should go through in their lives..

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      1. I think people come, when we have a crises then they leave because they’ve service a purpose. Its the ways doors open just when we think we’re the end. I do hope you’re coming to terms with your loss. The will always be readers who are insensitive and are stirred by emotional/psychological works

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      2. Very true, but it’s very very painful to lose those souls who stood by us at the time of need and just suddenly disappear without any reason… & specially when we start loving them..

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  4. Your courage, and honesty, and resilience is astounding and so powerful…you are such a beautiful soul…and your humility is so inspiring…to be vulnerable is one thing, but to be so gracious and forgiving and compassionate in the face of unwarranted criticism is a gift that you possess…thank you for being a light in this world, and for encouraging others even as you seek better days…I am sorry to know that you have suffered, but grateful to know that you believe that pain can have purpose–that you can use it to propel and elevate you to the incredible things in your future…your best days are ahead of you! 🙂


      1. Thank you for reading so many of my posts…I am sure you’ve set a record 🙂 I was so surprised and delighted when I realized…your time and positive regard is appreciated so very much….thank you 🙂


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