Marks !!

66 thoughts on “Marks !!”

    1. Thank you 🙂 it really means a lot !!
      We all need to think about it…
      We have lost many opportunities by now, I just can’t lose anymore…

      I wish that people, do realize this before the are abandoned …

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    1. Yes.. That’s very true,
      I realized once I mother and my love. But I believe his should not be repeated in case of everyone who is going to read it..

      Trust me, it’s not possible to endure such pain..

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    1. Thank you so much…
      This is interesting you see, a guy who is lost completely yet trying tho inspire others. I think it’s because he knows the pain and toxic character of failure and don’t want others to fall on this trap…

      Thank you 🙂

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      1. True artists suffer for their art and while sometimes the price is high, and results you may not see but others are gaining from it and your reward will come in the least expected form. One day you will find the love of a lifetime, till then continue being true to yourself.

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      2. Yes… You just said what I was thinking… Today is mother’s day, and me waiting for her to come back from heaven… And waiting for someone to understand how much importance I gave…in my life..
        Till the wait is on along with the severe pain….

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      3. If it’s some small comfort she is looking down on you and smiling proudly. Be blessed sweet soul. Rest after your trial is over, sunshine comes tomorrow for even those who are lonely and weep. I wish peace upon you.

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  1. I have run out of words to comment anything. So beautifully written. A woman is the one who makes a man feel like a man. I am really happy that this poems deals with the equality of men and women than making the women more powerful.

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