Marks !!

When the girl whom I loved the most in my life said that “you don’t understand me” … I couldn’t sleep for days and weeks. This one line came to my mind again and again… This made me think of what women actually means to us, especially the men folk…  Life won’t give us another chance… This may be the last one !!

The lines came to my mind are as follows.. But please don’t consider me as a hardcore feminist… I just wrote what I felt every day since I am left abandoned !!

        I sing the song of equality;
    In my view gender difference is  
           essentially a triviality.

   Everything that is great in the world,
           all the works and good, 
     half must be credited to woman,
        & to man half only we should.

      All the vice or bad in the world,  
          & the pain or flowing tear,
    for half, man should be blamed,
the other half only woman should bear.

        Who belittles you as woman,
   connecting you to the Hell’s flame?
          Tell him that for the first
    ever sin is not woman, but man
           must carry the blame !!!

          Satan is gender-neutral, so
    it flows equally in woman or man.

       All the flowers blossomed in
  the world, all the fruits grown, isn’t it
     the beauty, nectar and fragrance
     of those woman’s contribution?

      In the hardship of day and its
          scorching heat,you can
      see reflection of man; in the
  soothing breeze & in peace of night,   
          who shines but woman?

        During the day she is source
   of strength. She glows in affection
         at night; when man needs
  comfort and love, her grace and
         sweetness flow to make
                    his life bright.

        With man behind the plough,
     the crop field became bountiful,
         indeed; the greenery was
      only more beautiful, as woman
                   sowed the seed.

           Man carries the plough,
      And woman carries the water;
  from soil and water mixed together,
       the crop grows in abundance,
ears of paddy – like blooming heather
        How much blood man has
offered is recorded in annals of history;
        how many women became
         widow – No record of that !!!
                  Is it a mystery?

     Victory hasn’t kissed man’s sword,
because of the valor of man alone; the 
         inspiration and pride woman  
    brought to men, that should also be

        Man! heartless, like a stone;
         to make human out of him,
woman gave half of her heart as loan !!

      Wasn’t it the woman who taught
baby-“men” love mercy & compassion?
     Didn’t she touch their eyes with
kohl as a shadow of her sad affection?

      Man paid that debt off in a very   
        strange way; holding on lap
   she who kissed him, behind curtain
         and wall, she was put away

                  Gone is that age,
            when man was the master
   to enslave woman in his wish’s cage.

     This age is of empathy, of being  
   human, of equality is this new time;
     no one would be the other’s prisoner
             don’t you hear that chime?

             If man imprisons woman,
          then the turn will come sure;
           in the same prison he built,
      he will rot and die without a cure.

                   Take this lesson –
      a wisdom always right and true,
        if you make suffer someone,
   suffering will catch up with you soon

         You can’t look eye to eye, and
   still wear bracelet and anklets – the   
  prisoner’s symbol; tear off the veil of 
            yours, unchain yourself,
         it has taken enough of toll !!!

This mark of love is missing in every   
       human male .Isn’t it enough to  
   respect a woman and share her pain
             and burden ??  I left this  
                 question open to all!!


         The veil that made you timid,
                   let that go away;
    all those ornaments and symbols of
              servitude, throw away,
                  Just throw away.

Loads of love and respect for her..

PS .. I was about to post my recent Leibster Award and another from two wonderful bloggers but couldn’t resist to post this one, but the next posts will be certainly my special awards… Sorry for the delay ….. :!!


66 thoughts on “Marks !!”

    1. Thank you 🙂 it really means a lot !!
      We all need to think about it…
      We have lost many opportunities by now, I just can’t lose anymore…

      I wish that people, do realize this before the are abandoned …

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes.. That’s very true,
      I realized once I mother and my love. But I believe his should not be repeated in case of everyone who is going to read it..

      Trust me, it’s not possible to endure such pain..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much…
      This is interesting you see, a guy who is lost completely yet trying tho inspire others. I think it’s because he knows the pain and toxic character of failure and don’t want others to fall on this trap…

      Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True artists suffer for their art and while sometimes the price is high, and results you may not see but others are gaining from it and your reward will come in the least expected form. One day you will find the love of a lifetime, till then continue being true to yourself.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes… You just said what I was thinking… Today is mother’s day, and me waiting for her to come back from heaven… And waiting for someone to understand how much importance I gave…in my life..
        Till the wait is on along with the severe pain….

        Liked by 1 person

      3. If it’s some small comfort she is looking down on you and smiling proudly. Be blessed sweet soul. Rest after your trial is over, sunshine comes tomorrow for even those who are lonely and weep. I wish peace upon you.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. I have run out of words to comment anything. So beautifully written. A woman is the one who makes a man feel like a man. I am really happy that this poems deals with the equality of men and women than making the women more powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

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