Celebrating Mother’s Day !!

Mother’s day.. I believe mother’s day is the only day that will never become an ordinary day even if we celebrate this  everyday… Moreover, it is necessary to celebrate motherhood because of their contribution to the humanity per se !!

          Why mothers are so special?
Can anyone imagine this power which they possess.? Maa, wherever you are,
I miss you very badly.. I wish I could get another chance . !!! But as someone told me that life do exist after death.. So I would like you to read this..


I believe that mothers are those hyphens that connects the two world… One would be the world of god and the other is the world of mankind!!!..

Want to share something interesting that happened yesterday afternoon & .. even today early morning…

As everything has a reason, I thought to make out some meanings out of what happened to me yesterday afternoon and today early morning !!


I really saw her, I told two of my friends and they said that it’s a good sign, she is always with you… I asked myself something,  then wrote another page…


Nature has it’s own law, yesterday in afternoon, Kolkata was almost burning with hot and humidity , but I saw her taking her dinner when it was drizzling..
and it rained… Yesterday night there was a sudden change in weather… I don’t know what to say..


Here, I am not at all comparing, I am just saying what actually happened to me.. But I can tell you magic happens when you have honesty within, feelings can’t be suppressed, it just come out and we eventually have to accept it !!

I would like to share one of my personal experiences; since I lost my mom, it’s something which may not sound correct but… I found my dad has changed completely, he started trying to fill the gap, ..I found a motherhood in a male body too (my dad).

Dad who has taken this responsibility so that I don’t miss her, both of us know that Maa can’t be replaced but still we pretend and try to replace in the daily course of our life…

Moreover, I would like to wish every mother, a happy mother’s day… This is your son from Kolkata !!! 


And finally, my loving kids, they wished me happy mother’s day as believe that I did a played an important part in their lives. They call me MODAD !!  They brought these pictures for me… My love & wishes…  They made my day 🙂

Loads of love and respect for her
Beparvah !!!


55 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother’s Day !!”

    1. Yes, you are absolutely correct…
      But you know, at times I become a little selfish and refuse to accept the reality and cry for her physical presence especially when am down ..Pillows can’t be the substitute you know… Though I hold then tight and cry out loud…
      Thank you got this comment, it means a lot

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    1. I know and n actually I hope that to… Had she been alive, she would have been in real pain which would have been difficult to watch .. Having said that , I still become selfish at times and miss her physical presence. am
      Than you so much that you liked it

      Liked by 1 person

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