Celebrating Failure !!

Helyoo everyone:)

I would like to share something with you all, something that may not sound sane, but trust me, it gave me a peculiar kind of happiness and strength..

Day before yesterday, i.e.  on 10 may, 2016 the Union Public Service Commission declared the final list of successful candidates for the posts of civil services and allied services.. and I could not trace my name.

My teacher called me from Delhi to inform me that the results have been declared and I said, ” sir, I am sorry, I couldn’t make it to the list. My teachers especially Pandey sir, and Pathi sir were a constant support and showered their love and kindness. They forced me to take up this challenge once more as this was my first attempt ..

I was certainly upset, but as time went on I realized that what I gained from it.
This failure has given me an opportunity to understand where I went wrong and to know by whom I am surrounded with..

Later, I came to know four of my friends cleared it, Misha Singh, Rahul Ratnam Pandey, Srikant Mallale, and Harsh Vardhan Agarwal. Each one of them called me thrice since the marks were disclosed and I felt really happy. The cut off was 877 and my score was 870.. Life happens!!

I asked life, why you are so so difficult, life smiled and replied, C’mon, you people never appreciate easy things!!

I was broken into pieces after the effort and hardships I had gone through. Then I thought, I might have expected a lot from life… Be it the professional choice, be it the girl I love…. Ohhhh!!

Why I forget that not every place where I fit in is where I belong to ..

I waited for her call thinking that at least now she will call or at least text something that will bring a smile on my face… Oh.. Again I am expecting a lot more… Life said, ” why do you expect so much” I said am sorry .. I Won’t repeat it!!

But the people who always used to be  criticize Rahul, Harsh for their being repeating their attempts , suddenly made great comments and actually created Whatsapp groups to celebrate.
Rahul and Misha called me yesterday to express their pain to witness this double standard..  I said nothing but a     “humm”… Not intending to criticize instead want to express my greetings to those who finally showed up with their “self”… Thank you 🙂

I understood and realized life.. Today, the mark sheet came out and got more than 17 calls from Rahul, Harsh saying that they have scored less marks in the interview than me… &  said that they are going to come to Kolkata this weekend to organize a small party to celebrate my failure…

I agreed .. I thought, it’s the best way to treat failure.. and to be honest it has given me something so important in life that such one failure is actually nothing.
“ghaate ka sauda nai huya”

One idea that came in my mind, that the world will not going to change with opinions but it will certainly going tho change with examples..

Want to dedicate to this post to some of those who actually taught me what friendship is all about.. It is not certainly as I was made to understand by someone very recently that be with someone until when the other person like your company and then you can move out..  Oh..god.. !!!

The names are not names per se, they are my pride.. Aditya, Srivats, Harsh, Ashish, Anshul, Udayan, Rahul, Isha, Fatima, Ittisha ,Chetna, Kamayani, Anusha,  Aishwarya, Jennifer, and Bhavya … Wish I could add at least another name....

The most terrible poverty is loneliness,
and the feeling of being unloved..I just pray to god that this should not be the ultimate fate of this civilization which we all are so proud of..

Problems are not problems pet se, they are just the result of some problems..
It is actually very easy to say that we need to stand up together, we need to be compassionate, but unfortunately we humans are a meaning making species..

Helping others is actually a later stage, we need tho learn the importance of forgiveness…  Why can’t we forgive?
Trust me time will pass and we will realize it later..


Just don’t wait… thinking who will bell the cat…. Every moment is crucial !!


I will be waiting to be forgiven for making someone cry who instead taught me the importance of life.. Who stood my side and made me laugh.. and she didn’t even realized it !!!

However, in between this mess, something good happened.. I got a call from the Calcutta University Dean  law campus, that my dissertation is going to be published in the Calcutta law Journal as a separate copy… They want my permission to know whether I have already given the same to some other publishers or not… I gave the consent… And my first work is with me..


Life happens.. I wrote ” my transcripts ”
When I enjoyed the situation of being selected for the interview round.. And this post is tho celebrate my failure.

Success and failure are just phases.. What I am bothered about is my character and not my reputation.. My reputation is who people think I am, but my character is who I know, I am !!!

Loads of love and respect tho my love!!
Beparvah 🙂


112 thoughts on “Celebrating Failure !!”

      1. I have posted one blog post on it
        ” my transcript ” there I have mentioned around 34-38 questions that I could remember .. I m sure you will like it..

        Yes 180 for the interview.. Tina Dabi. Got 195..

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  1. This is beautiful.. n congratulations for getting your dissertation published..Jenny and i..we are so proud of you. well done Crazy guy.. hehehe.. (just to remind you..don’t say thank you).. keep shining.. stay blessed Beparvah..

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  2. Congrats Beparvah, on the dissertation! So much positivity in a single post. Your words really prove that success is not getting through something, but the ability to handle failure and not give up despite disappointments. I’m sure a lot of people can look up to you 🙂 . All the best for the future, sir.

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  3. Beparvah missing the cut off so marginally in very first attempt means you are going to get decent rank in your next attempt…Mark my words..
    I too thought that a call or comment on this blog from her side would have been courteous but then we dont know what situation she might be in and struggles she may be involved in….

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  4. The last time I was “rejected” from a progam I was interested in, it turned out to be a gift. I more than made up for it in the time it took them to respond to me. I sent them a thank you letter. Sometimes a no can mean you have to go bigger.

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  5. I never expected you to be an IAS aspirant ,way you wrote your posts ,you appeared as 16 year old boy , I am bit different though I wrote post way back on failure quotient , don’t know how much time back ,but its sure as I was asked to write by bloggers ,I won’t discourage you but don’t be an IAS ,you are not emotionally balanced ,you will mess things ,may be you feel bad but I am blunt .

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    1. No no.
      It’s a free world.. I like what you said.
      I will take note of this. Moreover I am very much used to criticism and especially when people who don’t even know me…
      Thank you.


      1. Better you can call me an admirer instead of lover . because love for me is always unconditional which is not dependent of someone’s acceptance .. Sir!
        Hope I made my point clear. !


  6. Robbing a soul of its last morsel of hope, has the capability of creating a shadow that does not fear light, a silhouette that does not fear night.
    Outcast by the world,
    mocked by friends…
    If sorrows have beginnings,
    they also must have ends!!!
    Best wishes! 🙂

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  7. “Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently” – Henry Ford

    An in fact sometimes, failures also open new doors. Congratulations and I am happy that you took failure so positively.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and liking the posts 🙂

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  8. You know if anything, your post would be inspiring to all aspiring civil servants. They would probably feel that it’s not the end of the road but another beginning and if someone is as talented and hard-working as yourself, they would be appreciated in every field they go. Congratulations BTW 🙂

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  9. Wow, what a way to overcome ones failure. After reading this post the first thought came into my mind was, “it does not matter where you go or what you choose to become in life, you will shine”.
    Best wishes!

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    1. Thank you so much.. You are absolutely correct.. I am glad that you liked it.. Life can’t be judged on the basis of a balance sheet !!
      It’s not that mechanical I presume !!!
      Thank you for this comment, it means a lot.. 🙂

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    1. It’s absolutely fantastic way to learn, it’s difficult though, bit it certainly helps to build a positive outlook…
      Thank you so much for your thoughts! It really means a lot..


  10. I am proud of you each and every day. Proud to be friends with an individual who does not run away and faces it all with a smile. “Celebrating” failure sums it all up. We will celebrate your success which was achieved in times of adversities 🙂

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      1. Am I ??
        Seldom people believe like that and hence I always keep myself away from people’s happiness because I am scared of my negativity..

        But I am glad that you think so differently… You made me cry but for a good reason.. Than you so much:)

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      2. You are a sensitive soul, and being sensitive in a world that can be cruel can be demoralizing….we have to be given room, time and support in order to move through pains and wounds….stay brave and keep moving forward the best way you know how….I think you are courageous and kind….I am glad that you were able to cry tears of relief and gratitude and hope….you are so worthy of feeling good about yourself….try not to isolate yourself…you have a right to your feelings (whether optimistic or not)….we can’t be happy every day….and, when we do feel great, it is cause for celebration….I am happy to celebrate this moment of victory with you 🙂

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      3. My mom used to say these similar lines to me… I think the vacuum is a big one which I still fail tho manage..
        But thank you so much for supporting so unconditionally… Thank you 🙂

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  11. Its the most beautiful thing I read today. I wish you all the best. I’m also planning to prepare for UPSC & I’m very well aware about its ups and downs. I hope you get what you are looking for. All the best. Take care!!

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    1. Thank you so much… it really means a lot.. It’s great to know that you’re preparing for this exam..I wish thou all the very best … Am glad that you know it’s pros n cons… but I can tell you with conviction that the journey would be exciting !!

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      1. TBH I think everyone should prepare for this entrance once in their life. It just opens your mind to endless possibilities. That immense knowledge will always stay with you no matter what! And thank you!

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