Deliberately Silenced !!!

51 thoughts on “Deliberately Silenced !!!”

  1. This is really a serious condition of our times. Why does everyone have this obsession about looks and appearance? Isn’t character something more important? Wish things change before they go out of control!

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  2. Social media has turned every tom dick and harry into a judge, critic or expert…now there are sites too for sensationalizing petty issues with no respect for people’s feelings…don’t like it myself…nice post anyway:-)

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    1. Thank you, social media… We often used the other side of it..
      That’s the nature of a society which is yet to be civilized before using such social media which I believe carries some responsibilities….

      Thank you so much for your comment.. It means lot 🙂

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  3. What are you sorry for.. you did a great job writing about this.. i hate to live in a society where women is considered to be an object or pleasure giving slave when she should be treated as a companion.. this crappy system of judging and commenting like this has to change..

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  4. Sorry but I just couldn´t pass what the post was about, was you there in the picture? I just had my mind on it, or it, or something, something about politics you wrote? Then is a clever way to make people want to see and comprehend politics, yo a hoooot! 😉 kidding, I do know what your talking about……

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  5. So much of fabricated allegations just to keep the media alive 😦 The winner of Assam elected BJP candidate Ankoorlata is in fact another lady , she is an actress. But all the pics going viral in her name is in fact of another woman , a gym trainer. I don’t remember her name. Anyway i too support ur view point, Good theme u wrote 🙂

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  6. “Sorry” this is what our society has ingrained in us. Sorry to have raised our voices. Sorry to have spoken up against what is wrong. Sorry to have highlighted the sick mentalities.

    I am proud to be your friend. Proud of the fact that you expressed your thoughts uninhibited. But I will be more proud that day you express them unapologetically.

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    1. Thank you so much ..
      It rally means a lot..
      Next time I will try to be unapologetic while raising issues like this … I will speak out load… for a cause !!
      Thank you:)


    1. Very true, I was actually about to include cases from different countries but then three was a lack of time and material based on which I could write upon.

      Thanks for your view, and sorry.. 🙂

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    1. We are absolutely on the same line.. I am in search of a way out..
      I think we need to customize our likes and dislikes… From the very basics, the joined we share, the language we speak amongst friends etc… We need to take care of this from these basics, and midst importantly, I think to raise voice against any such activities….

      Thank you so much for your thoughts .. It means a lot !!

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  7. Exactly!! This is one thing people really need to think about! Their bizarre thoughts and actions have literally dirtied the way things are seen and shared today! Thank you for writing this. An insight for many!

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    1. I am so glad that you liked it.
      I was really very disturbed with this news. Everyone was sharing such pictures without thinking about some basic civic responsibilities.
      Often the language we speak among friends, the jokes we crack or share or laugh at…. some very basics, may contain such elements that can affect our personal morality..

      I think we need to be affected by the surrounding, observe things and analyze issues… Being indifferent is not a solution for sure_!!!

      Thank you so much once again for the supportive comment and for dropping by!! It really means a lot !

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      1. That is so true! Being insensitive and ignoring stuff is equivalent to being a party to the crime and this vague attitude really needs to stop!
        And thanks again for writing! I am obliged to have read this☺☺

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      2. Exactly, the joke I referred in my post is one such… I think being happy when someone shares his or her reasons for happiness… It might not be a big deal for us but it is for someone, so saying ” kya karu naachu” is just not the way to respond..
        Thank you so much…
        I started following your blog the day I read about your article of that but travel .. I liked it very much. It inspired me too…

        🙂 🙂

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  8. Great post… I have noticed that Twitter and Instagram are all about picking up… I have some pics in swimsuit on my Instagram and others quite sexy too (well, just a top tank!)… but, I think I posted them just because I felt I looked nice, ha 🙂 then I changed my mind as lots of guys sent me direct messages… And I was like: “hello, what!?” haha…. thanks for sharing this post as you are seeing women from a more broad minded approach which speaks well of you!… Happy weekend, my friend. Aquileana 😀

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    1. I have no issues whatsoever with liberalism… & trust me its perfectly fine… The curiosity between different gender must remain… Isn’t it..

      In this post I wanted to portray the way women are objectified unnecessarily….& it had nothing to do what they wear…. The dirt lies in the mind…. I wanted to target them…

      Looking beautiful is an art…
      Loads of love and wishes…
      Beparvah.. !

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