Spectrum Of Life !!

Hello everyone!!

Today, I will try to share some real life experience to support the topic that I have chosen.

” Don’t Forget To Be Awesome “ I first heard about this few months ago.  Then I decided to read about it and  finally DFTBA, has become so special to my life….

“We want to help creative people make a living doing the work they love..” – this is extracted from their mission statement… They help people to chase their love for creativity and achieve them!!!

After reading about this, I developed a hobby, that is, to look for those people who are contributing to the society to a large extent without being into the focus. My search began around five months ago and I met few people and started writing about them. I was about to inform the press to highlight these unsung heroes instead of cheesy news items  But they sincerely requested that their names shouldn’t be disclosed.. They really don’t want anything thing out of it.. Most of them are of the view that they don’t want tho waste their words to the society who is silent for years !!!


Its been eleven months now, eyes are still not dried up, remain wide open with a hope, and the reason behind this hope is perhaps my undying love !!! She was everything to me, but after I got rejected I chose to spread the remaining love to the people who are in need, much much more than what I thought they would be..


This is a picture taken, when I was spending some time with these children who are still raw and unaware of the practical world out there. This was an easiest way to make them understand the Solar system…  🙂 🙂

Anyways, coming to my search!
So, meet my first hero –


Am sorry, I will not disclose his name, as requested. He was a class IV govt. official under the state of West Bengal. His family member counts to 103 . He has no fixed deposits, and assets apart from the blessings he h was been receiving f din dins unknown source. Till his retirement, he has shell out all his income to the street children for their education.  He still continues his passion. Everyone calls him  “dadu ji” ..  His wife also involved with his effort since last 25 years..  that’s r salt as commendable support… She was perhaps his strength.  My salute !!!

Meet my next hero –


Though, I personally couldn’t meet her as she was not present when I went to her village all alone. I took the picture from a local newspaper and gathered the story from the locals.

I presume that mostly everyone have heard or seen the movie called  ‘Gulaab Gang’. Anyways, those who have not seen it, for them–  it’s a movie where a group of village women jointly fight against all sorts of injustice & by fight, I literally mean it…

This women used her knife, and other sharp kitchen utensils and tools and chased a mob of 15 men who often enter their village to commit variety of offenses.. These women took the responsibility of protecting their rights and pride as the administration has failed completely to even catch hold of one percent of these criminals… My salute and respect !!!

The third one, she is very special because what she is doing at this age, no body of her can even think… She also must have some aspiration for her..but despite that, look at this !!


Without taking the course of marriage, job and other regular space where we often spend “time”, she has instead taken up the responsibility to send children to school who dropped out due to their respective reasons which are apparently not just; she has been visiting each and every house to persuade their parents and trying to address other issues of girl child … Her aim is to bring down the dropout rate..
My salute!!

And finally, the last one; this one is perhaps an unplanned meeting. I was coming back from my university after taking classes, while waiting for the cab , I saw an old  women trying to take hold of the water that was coming out from the air condition. She was sitting near the shop where the outlet was accessible , before I could ask her, my cab came in and I couldn’t ask her story , but I checked the time with an intension that I would meet her some day, may be she will be coming there for water again, may be she comes there very often… these were my thoughts hovering over my head..

Next day with an intension to meet her, I didn’t booked my cab and waiting for her and after waiting for around 25 mins, I saw her again…. I was very happy to see her !!


I followed her for a while and then I saw something which brought tears in my eyes.. I saw that she was carrying the water and then she poured the water in a small bucket and left it out … After few mins I saw some of the small street dogs coming out from some corner and they started to have that water….. I couldn’t trust my eyes..

Who are these people? Where do they come from? I feel so small before these people, I hugged her and tried to give some money for her to eat something but she refused.. She blessed me…. and without saying anything else she walked away on her path.

I wonder how many people are there like this in the world, wish I could meet them all…

They realized me that love is something which had nothing to do with any kind of possession, instead it is a magical feeling that gives peace & power. What they are doing, they are doing out of love and not out of any duty that is imposed upon them.

My love for my first love has increased, my respect for my feeling increased and I feel so proud to feel for someone so unconditionally.. Every time I pray for her, gives me a great pleasure… I really don’t know how to express….

Life is great, giving is what the mantra is. Contribute is what the motto of life should be..   Thank you god for giving me such a wonderful family who allows me to chase my dreams.  No one knows what the life has restored for us.

It may be true that, there may be some person who had planned something for today and died yesterday.. The silence between our past and future is the distance we need to cover. Let’s walk together and cross this journey of life and make sure that no one is left behind..

Loads of love and respect for my love
Beparvah !!


69 thoughts on “Spectrum Of Life !!”

    1. Thank you so much..
      Am very glad that you liked it..
      Yes, she was amazing, in her silence she spoke many things, gave me a deep lesson.. I again started loving my life and giving respect tho my feelings for someone despite things didn’t work out !!

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  1. This is an outstanding post by an outstanding guy about some outstanding heroes.. every single one of these heroes you mentioned here in this post deserves recognition and loads of respect.. they put others first.. they are divine souls.. there can be 100 reasons to be sad..but when you look at these people you know our world isn’t that bad a place.. 🙂 well done with the post beparvah.. great job

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Most touching, engrossing, comprehensive and insightful blogpost. I am usually a blunt and fun-loving person but your post did bring some moistness to my eyes. One of your earlier post about some kid in hospital and this one. God bless you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Am so glad that you still remember that kid, who lost good father and didn’t knew about it… just before the festive season…

      Am so happy to be the rain for your happiness,… Your comment made my day 🙂


  3. “Life is great, giving is what the mantra is. Contribute is what the motto of life should be.”

    I’ve come to the same conclusion. That’s what it really seems to make things worthwhile and fulfilling. For everyone!

    KBA: Keep Being Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you…
      Thank you so very much..
      KBA ; it’s just brilliant… !!
      Am really very happy, and looking at this comment with a big smile…
      Thank you for your support and appreciation, it means a lot !! 🙂


    1. Yes, we all are meant to be but seldom we do. As I mentioned one Desi joke which I personally didn’t like because we seldom become givers unless it had to do something with our own interest…

      Thank you t your comment, it really really means a lot 🙂

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      1. I criticize myself constructively all the time… I have also failed many times to contribute.. I believe that I I could bring a genuine smile on one face my day becomes worth living…


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      1. That’s what you think and I appreciate your thinking, but having said that, you can tell me of you want to… Would love to help, of not then I will pray for your health and happiness ..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It always hurt when someone is in true love, I have been into this since a year, restricted myself and now keeping myself away from her so that she can live her life happily…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Time is tough, there will be many who would say to move on… But I do not belong tho that group of pragmatic people… I believe love happens once on life… Respecting love is what I know, It’s just a test of love may be !

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      4. Wish I could, but her identity would die with me… My respect for her is much much more than my love for her,… Am extremely sorry, I hope at least you can understand !
        I would not be able to.. So so sorry once again…

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